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From Average Asian to Beastly African

Today is a rest day so.. It’s research day.

I prefer a mixture of vitamin E oil and Vaseline when jelqing.

All the best in your training. You should know though that race isn’t exactly a marker of penis size.

Greentape, I’m thinking of using water-based lube. Have you tried it?

Panamera Well.. Statistical data says otherwise. Congo pips have an average of 7.1. Doesn’t matter tho. I just thought of a catchy title for my progress report. You know, just for me to get motivated to visit it everyday, thus preserving my commitment to PE :) )

Racial stereotypes aside, I like the title. So long as you are encouraged by it. I agree with the above; post your daily progress here or, like me, look up all the amazing motivational threads and read them again and again. There’s nothing like motivational stories to get your enthusiasm up.

Originally Posted by hghg668
Good for you. I am sure that you worked very hard for gains. Congrats. Is just an opinion and suggestion, as I did not consider hanging for years after jelqing. Hanging is great if done correctly, but is more intense so one must start slow and sensibly.

This guy is a newbie and hanging is considered an advanced exercise. I do not recommend that just yet. He needs to work on conditioning his unit first.

UziM thanks! Whose stories are your favorite?

Tntjockey, congrats on reaching your goals!

Here are the links:

Having a blast with these women thanks to PE

-Hours of reading and motivation of what it’ll be like to be big. It also shows how too big is as bad as too small (wait till you get to Reeko)

YGuy Progress Report(Copied from PE Forums)

-Hands down amazing gains. Expect the same to happen to you, but don’t be mad if it doesn’t. Just keep PEing.

The power of a big dick

-Motivation fo sho

Collected wisdom from the vets and good gainers

-Wise motivation

The rest I’ll leave to you and the search function.

Good luck

I missed a day of PE because of having around 13 hours for work everyday (including transpo time). Should I work for 4 days straight, rest day, and then continue on with the 2:1 schedule?

By the way, it’s been two weeks of PE commitment and I’m not sure what to expect. All I’ve observed so far is the *slightly* better flaccid appearance of my tool.

It’s the third consecutive day of PE, currently at session 16. Later on, I will do the fourth consecutive day of PE then I’ll take a day of rest. I’ve been doing more research and found that there are some high regards towards ADS. I think I want to try and get my hands on the Phallosan when my budget allows it.

Bur0indump5, I have tried a variety of different products but for me vitamin E oil is the best. Vitamin E is very good for the skin and you don’t need to wash it off when your session has finished.

Thanks greentape. I’ll get one this weekend. What brand do you use?

I have been off for 2 days, after trying to compensate for one missed day. But today, I restart my routine. I have faith in PE. I will see a significant result in 1 year. I can do this. I will commit!

Keep it up!

Don’t make missed days a habit, but don’t beat yourself up for the occasional one either. You have to know how to walk that line. Persistence is vital.

Thanks UziM!

Lately, I’ve been feeling the momentum. God I swear I feel like it’s just like the stock market, like, I have just reached my all time low, near my potential reversal zone and then now I’m gaining upward momentum. I hope I break the resistance and achieve a breakthrough! Hahaha. Today I had so much energy I was dancing while jelqing. O_O


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