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Daily Progresslog

Daily Progresslog

I have just completed 2 months of a newbie routine. I thought at this point it would be wise to safari a daily progress log. I’d like to start charging my routine and making notes of not only progress with regards to size but also keep track of both my erection quality and other PI’s. I find I am having trouble remembering exactly what I did, ate, drank etc and the results of those actions.

My routine:

Warm up for 5 mins in front of IR heater
Stretch for 10 mins in all directions holding for 30 sec per stretch
Jelq 10-15 mins depending on how I’m feeling
Warm down in front of heater for 5 mins
Maybe 2-3x a week use Bathmate at low pressure for 10 mins

I have battled turtling and negative PI’s since the start and am working hard to be very concious of both negative and positive PI’s. At this point I’m noticing varying EQ but it is defiantly better than before. I’m not sure on my gains yet as I don’t know how accurate my starting measurements were. As of right now the following are my most accurate measurements

Current measurements
6.8 BPEL
5.5 EG

This is a great site and I look forward to this journey

Sorry for the spelling errors in the above post

Safari should read “start”
Charging should read “charting”

I was too slow to notice and couldn’t edit it in time

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