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Bucephalus's PE journal

Bucephalus's PE journal

Have started and stopped PE routines a million times but never long enough to make significant progress. I’m hoping that if I start a journal here it will help me stay consistent.

Starting with pretty basic manual stretches + jelqing for 10 minutes 3 times a week. Idea is to add time to exercise and frequency as my body gets used to it.

4/26/10- Tuesday
Stretches during shower
Jelq 10 min

4/28/16- Thursday – took some starting measurements for reference
F 4 x 4.25
E 7 x 5.5

Hot Shower
Stretches – about 5 min total
Jelq – 10 min: use about 5 second strokes
First time separating shower from stretches which I think works better for me.
Find it works better to do the workout in the morning. I usually wake up earlier than my wife so I have some time to do everything without interruptions.

5/2 – Monday
Stretches- 10 minutes
Jelq- 10 minutes

5/4- Wednesday
Stretches – 10 minutes
Jelq- 10 minutes

5/5 Thursday
Kegels- 10 sets of 10 short squeeze ( 5 sets normal kegels and 5 sets reverse kegels)

5/6- Friday
Stretches – 10 minutes
Jelq- 10 minutes

5/7 Saturday
Kegels- 10 sets of 10 short squeeze ( 5 sets normal kegels and 5 sets reverse kegels)

Starting stats: BPEL 7"/EG 5.5"

Goal: 8x6 meatbat of peace

Welcome and good luck.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 7.8” x 5.0” (5.2" BEG)

My pictures

Originally Posted by Useless
Welcome and good luck.

Thanks for the welcome!

My wife is from Brazil (São Paulo) but her father is from Paraná originally. Small world.

5/9- Monday
Hot shower
Manual Stretches – 10 minutes
Jelqing- 12 minutes

5/10/16 – Tuesday
Kegels alternating with Reverse kegels- 5 sets of 10 squeezes each
Then did a fast 50 kegel squeezes and 50 reverse kegel squeezes

5/11/16 – Wednesday
Noticed last night I looked smaller flaccid. Also I’ve noticed over the past few days I’ve been less “responsive.” I don’t feel like I get as full of an erection. After doing some research I think I either stretched too hard, jelqed with too high an erection level or did not warm up properly. It’s most likely some combination of the 3. I’ve decided to take Wednesday off, scale back manual stretching (in both duration and in tension) and use that time for a warm-up/warm down. I had not been doing a warm-down at all and the warm up probably wasn’t long enough.

Thinking of doing the following:
5 minute warm up
5 minute stretch- 10 positions, 30 seconds each: starting with light tension and increasing this gradually
10 minute jelq: starting with maybe 50% erection
5 minute warm down

I’m thinking of then adding 1 minute to jelq and 30 seconds to stretching each week up until I’m doing 15 minutes stretching and 30 minutes jelqing. Some extra size would be great but my primary objective is improved erection strength and by extension more confidence in the bedroom. I’m OK with it taking a little longer to reach my goal as I’d rather not risk injury.
Looking back I would usually start jelqing but after a week or so I would always run into this issue, mean to take off a few days but never end up picking it back up.

5/12/16- Thursday
Kegels- same as Tuesday

I’m having continued difficulties. I can get an erection but lose it quickly if stimulation is not continued. I am going to see a doctor before I continue with Jelqing. I’d had some difficulties in this area in the past but usually it’s been due to work stress or drinking. I want to make sure I did not damage anything seriously. However I will continue with Kegel exercises as to my understanding these help with erection strength.

Starting stats: BPEL 7"/EG 5.5"

Goal: 8x6 meatbat of peace

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