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Bathmate experience

Bathmate experience

I have been doing PE for several years, with decent success. Is there is anyone who used Bath mate, for at least three months? I’d like to know if it worked for you. I am thinking about purchasing one. I am primarily interested in additional girth.

Thanks for info.

I bought a Bathmate in November of 2015 and used it for a good 6+ months. It was fun, got about .25” girth gain (no length) with no other PE involved. However, this is a warning, DO NOT OVERDUE IT. It’s easy to want to pump it up because believe me, the post pump temporary gains are beautiful, it will cause issues. Make sure you are well conditioned, do not go in fully erect for the first 3 months (or more), and do not pump to max for a while. My experience is I got a lot of fluid retention which has caused the skin of my penis to stretch and become pretty ugly. It’s also caused discoloration. My advice is to go slow, start with three 5 minute sessions and in between do firegoat rolls (look up firegoat rolls here for description of how to do it). This will prevent the fluid retention as well as discoloration so I’ve heard. I’m currently working on getting rid of the discoloration but it’s a very long process (unless you wouldn’t mind using acids to “shed the skin” as some others have).

It can be beneficial in your routine I’m sure, I’m still using it as a warm up with the newbie routine. I think it has a lot of benefits which I’m sure you’ve read about. But there can be some drawbacks if you go to hard to fast.

Hope this helps you a little bit. Again, it’s a fun device just be cautious. I didn’t get any warning signs along the way other than realizing that the discoloration appeared (odd that I didn’t notice it when it started). Happy gains!

4/1/2017 - 7.25 BPEL and 5.25 MSEG

My progress thread - My path to a larger healthy piece

No permanent gains for me but quick huge temporary flaccid gains, i got a vac pump from thickwall and it works much better for me.

Start: BPEL 7.0 - EG 5.1 (20Feb16)

Now: BPEL 7.7 - EG 5.4 (20Feb18)

I used mine for months with little other PE. Didnt gain anything other than temporary flaccid gains. No erect gains post pump either.

I still use it because I find it helps motivation

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