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Just Got My Bathmate

Just Got My Bathmate

I ordered my Bathmate Hercules off of Amazon for $80 a week ago and just got it on Monday.

The first time I didn’t read the instructions correctly and I tried to use the release valve to create suction. I knew I was doing something wrong because I was getting no vacuum at all (obviously. So I went back and reread the directions and then followed them correctly and squeezed the water out by compressing the Bathmate toward body. I got some pretty good vacuum going but it was a bit painful around my pubic area since I am pretty thin and do not have a thick fat pad. I called it quits after about 5 minutes because I didn’t want to over do it. I wanted to adapt to the suction.

Later on that night I did an 8 minute session. I was starting to get a pretty plump chub when I initially came out of the pump. Similar to what I get after I jelq and manually hand clamp a bit. I did various other 10-12 minute session until today.

Today when I got off work I decided I would try a short routine. I warmed up a little with a light fap to get a chub going. Then I used the Bathmate for 10 minutes. When I pulled it out I did 100 slow wet jelqs (3-5 seconds) and then I put my member back into the Bathmate. In the first 5 minutes I got the pressure up pretty high inside the Bathmate. Then I slowly added more pressure. Toward the end the pressure was crazy, but I had gradually worked my way up so the pressure wasn’t unbearable. It was just uncomfortable around my pubic area as usual. This time I went for a solid 15 minutes.

When I pulled my dick out I was expecting it to be the regular after Bathmate chub size, but this time it was crazy. I measured it at 5.1-5.2 in girth (I know that is child’s play for some of you, lol). I am 7.3BPEL and 4.75EG so swelling up to that size was pretty impressive. When I manually clamp (hold the base and fap until I can’t get any more blood into my unit) I get to a max of 5EG, which is still a quarter inch larger than my regular erect girth. It was pretty weird holding my dick with .45 inch greater girth even though it was short lived (about 20 minutes).

I do realize that this after Bathmate girth is a lot about fluid buildup, but realizing that my dick can expand to that extent is pretty cool and it gives me some hope.

So do you guys have any routines that you use? I may stick to short pump, jelq, long pump for the meantime. And I am trying to keep the routine under an hour because I am pretty busy.

If it works for you keep going, but don’t go all in so fast you gotta take your time so that it doesn’t feel even uncomfortable around the pubic, take time to very slowly increase the pressure, and if it’s getting uncomfortable don’t increase it.

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

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It is comfortable on my unit. The discomfort is mostly from the skin on my balls that makes contact with the Bathmate. That being said, I am still trying to take things relatively slow.

It is fun using the BM,

I have a routine that I have worked up to that leaves me pretty huge when I’m done.

I come out of the tube at 6.25” girth< and I LOVE it.

I wish that was my normal girth, it looks huge on me.

Yeah that’s how I feel King Snake. I am a pretty slender guy, though I have put on some weight this year working out. What kind of routine do you follow and do you have any tips? I was wondering what kind of on and off schedule others that use the bathmate were implementing.

Yesterday I did a routine (10 min bathmate, 100 jelq ,and then 15mins in the tube again) mid-day and then later at night did a 17min tube session. I am pretty sore today so I am going to take the day off.

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