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Another dreamer's log.

Another dreamer's log.

After thinking and lurking here for quite a while, I have decided to start my own PE adventure. I have bought a pro extender off eBay for about £12 and am on my second day wearing it. I have to say its not the most comfortable device. I managed 3 hours yesterday and am aiming for 3 everyday. I will be starting the “Newbie routine” posted in the newbie thread in a few days along side using the extender. I will also add that I also take Horny goat weed as I enjoy the effect on sex :-)

I will aim to update once a week on what I have done or missed, and size wise once every two weeks. I don’t want to be constantly thinking about it and so I think every two weeks is enough. I have decided to give this 6 months, in that time I want to see some form of progress. I think that would spur me on to get to where I want to be. I will update on exactly what I do, if I do succeed others could follow what I have done. There is a good chance my routine will change with time, again I will post exactly what I do. I plan to keep things as simple as possible.

My main aim is to gain about half an inch in length, as of now I am 6.5 inches when erect pressed to the bone, and would be happy with 7 or a little over. Interestingly, about ten years ago when I was 20, I was a little under 7 inches, however I seem to have lost about half an inch for whatever unknown reason. This isn’t because of a lesser quality erection I would like to add. Girth measures in at 5.5 at the thickest point.


Welcome and thanks for checking in your status!

Wish you all the best!

Start 6.8” x 4.7”

Now 7.5” x 4.9”

Regras do Fórum

Cheers Lenny.

Thought I’d write a little bit about using the extender I bought, because its driving me nuts. Constantly slips off, the head of the penis turns a dark hue, and it seems to be only really wearable sat down, meaning I can’t use this at work. I bought it after reading many studies on their use and success, I have great respect for those men who wore these devices 4-6 hours a day!

I’m thinking maybe more expensive devices may be better, one thing I don’t like already about the pro extender, is how the tension notches may not be what tension the instructions say, the springs are never able to be pushed down. It takes a fair amount of my strength to push them down in any way. I guess this means I have no idea how much tension I’m using. The springs could be too strong. I believe this is making the noose slip off all the time, so now I’m going by feel. I’m just using tension that feels like a good stretch but now too much. My plan is to start the newbie routine on Monday and use the extender straight after for three hours.

01 Sep 16 = BPEL = 6.5 + EG = 5.5

Goal = 7 x 6 !

Reading through the forums other people had clearly had the same problem as me when it came to the extender slipping off, they had bought talcum powder which solved the problem for them. I did the same today and managed to wear the extender for a whole two hours without it slipping off, and for 5 hours in total today. Success!

If I use the powder, the noose does not have to be as tight as so the glands do not go a blue/purple hue or very cold, or shrink. Still working out how tight the tension is supposed to be, as I’ve said before, no amount of turning the screws makes the springs go down over any notches. I’m stretched to 6 inches almost after 2 hours using the extender so I *think* this is enough, Ill have to work on my wrapping technique, I think I got a slight blister from the noose.

01 Sep 16 = BPEL = 6.5 + EG = 5.5

Goal = 7 x 6 !

First up date after a week of extender use.

The first week has been more of a feeling out process, learning what could be used to better wrap as well as using the extender itself better. I’m at the stage of being able to wear the extender for at least an hour at a time, today in fact I wore it for two hours.
The amount of stretch I have been able to achieve has increased also. At first it was hard to use the small rods, 8 days later I wore the extender with the small and long rods, the screws were hardly turned though. I was past my erect length by about a quarter of an inch. Still working on wrapping as I sometimes get the beginnings for blisters. I’m using a lot of hand cream to help the skin. I do about three hours a day when I’m busy and about 5 hours a day at the weekend. I don’t really know how I could do anymore at the moment.

Today is also the first day of the newbie routine, managed to get through it ok, was about 50% hard, noticed about 2-3 red dots after, ill take it easier tomorrow. Since using the extender, I have noticed my flaccid length is about an inch longer after a week. My erect length hasn’t changed, but the flaccid increase is quite noticeable.

Hours clocked using the extender this week = 25.

01 Sep 16 = BPEL = 6.5 + EG = 5.5

Goal = 7 x 6 !

Interesting times ahead. I was using the newbie routine as stated on the site, two days on and one off, however I noticed a quite marked reduction in the amount of erections and their hardness. So for the time being till I work out what I’m doing wrong, I am not continuing with it. I have used the pro extender for 12 days straight, however I guess this took a toll on the skin, it was very sore so I decided to take a day off, which turned into two. I’m far better at using the device now, I can wrap much better and keep the device on for longer, and stretched further, about 3/4 of an inch longer than I am erect.

I had the day off this morning so did my first official measurement, and it appears I have gained 2mm. Two weeks ago I was only just 6.5inchs, but today it is clearly over that 6.5 line, so there has been an increase in length. This is quite motivating. If I gain 2mm every two weeks then although a long time, there will be a linear path to 7inchs. Switching over to cm from now on. I’m not sure if it really worth taking note of flaccid length. It seems to change depending on the temperature, mood, moon cycle etc. It is too random. I will say however, since using the traction device it hangs about 3/4 of an inch lower.

Time using the extender in total - 44 hours over 14 days

Todays measurements BPEL 16.7cm / 6.57 inches.

01 Sep 16 = BPEL = 6.5 + EG = 5.5

Goal = 7 x 6 !

Originally Posted by Lenny
Welcome and thanks for checking in your status!

Wish you all the best!

Welcome another dreamer!

I tried to do it from my smartphone and i couldnt.



10years 18'5cm(7'3in)x16'5cm(6.5")7"BEG

Ditto On The Dream

Complete newbie here, looking for a place to start with PE and think I found it.

Start 4.75x5.25 halfway, 5.5 at the base.

Thought I’d write a little log seeing as its been little over a week since I did last. Its been almost a whole month since I started using the extender! I haven’t used it as much as I would like, I have also had in total 4 days off from using it. Sometimes after a session I can be quite sore and so if I feel there is a chance of a blister forming I give it a day off, in fact this time round I have given myself two days off.

In regards to how you use it, I have had little luck moving around while having it on, I left the house with it on and it lasted roughly 4 minutes ha. I have had exams to revise for, and so this has worked well for me, I simply sat and revised while wearing it. I have noticed you feel a proper stretch when your penis is pointing away from your body, or down, this gives a strong pull, whereas straight up gives a light tension. I have been going in sessions of 1 hour 30 minutes, this seems a good session.

My girlfriend knows about what I am doing, I’m glad she does because otherwise there would be no other way. I’d be acting weird hiding in the bathroom for 3 hours. She’s happy for me to give it a go. Interestingly, we were in a sex shop in Soho, London over the weekend, and I saw the same device I have, for £200! The cheek of it.

As far as the jelqing goes, I’m roughly doing it twice a week, anymore than this and I start to have erection quality decreases. I don’t know why. I get a lot of pink spots too. Anyways soon will be my 4 week update! I’m excited for it!

01 Sep 16 = BPEL = 6.5 + EG = 5.5

Goal = 7 x 6 !

It has been a whole month! A month of extender use, and occasional jelqing. I have noticed if you jelq and then use the extender, you can go for longer and also stretch much further. My technique with the extender has become quite consistent, I now point it almost 90 degrees away from my body when wearing it. This produces the most stretch at the base of the penis, it is sometimes even sore the next day. In the last week however, I have used the extender far less than when I started. Then skin where the nose holds the penis in place, even with wrapping, had become extremely sore, to the point where this last week I actually had three days off using it. However in the last two weeks since my last measurement, I had used the device far more efficiently than before, got more of a stretch, better at wrapping, faster at putting it on etc.

I gave jelqing another go, it goes real well with the extender, however it has a clear impact on EQ, which is not something I’ve had problems with before. I’m considering only doing the newbie routine once or twice a week. This is what I am doing now, and there is still a decrease in EQ. Maybe Ill end up stopping it all together, who knows.

So today I measured first thing in the morning, and I got 17cm, this is an increase of 3mm from last time. And 5 mm overall so far. Slow and steady she goes. There has definitely been a change, my other half has commented a few times that it feels “different, fatter”. I’ve also noticed I’m not lasting as long during sex, this is because the fit is tighter. Its quite encouraging.

I had another thought. I use the extender for 1.30 hours at a time, usually 3-5 hours a day. During this time I can do little but sit there and read or do some uni work. Maybe I would better spend this time hanging? I might look into this more. I need to buy more rods for the device, I’m at a point where sometimes I can’t stretch any further. I have to say, I really dislike wearing the device, its uncomfortable, skin hurts, can’t do anything, but it seems to be working. As soon as my dick is past that 7 inch mark, I’m done with it.

Total time using extender so far - 81 hours over 4 weeks. (With five rest days so far.)

01 Sep 16 = BPEL = 6.5 + EG = 5.5

Goal = 7 x 6 !

Back for another two week update! Not a lot had changed in terms of the way I was using the extender, although in the last week I had not had as much time to sit around and use it, I had to visit family far out which really dug into my PE time, but what can you do!

Results this week are good! This morning with a good EQ I measured 17.1 BPEL. This is great and seems to be in line with what I thought and hoped would happen. It seems I am gaining 2mm every two weeks. My 7 inch goal is 17.78 cm, and right now I am 17.1. It is possible at this pace I will achieve the goal in 6 weeks.

Now I say this morning I had good EQ, however I have to say, in the last month My EQ equality has decreased, and its noticeable. It takes a lot more to get a strong erection, where the gland is also fully hard. I thought this could simply have been due to the increase in length, but I’m not sure. I have completely stopped Jelqing, and that seemed to have helped a bit. I still use a warm wet towel to warm up, and warm down, I massage after too to keep the blood flow good. I don’t get turtling after use of the extender.

On average I use the extender for 3 hours a day. I’m going to make more of an effort and attempt 4 hours a day.


01 Sep 16 = BPEL = 6.5 + EG = 5.5

Goal = 7 x 6 !


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