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When do I jelq

When do I jelq

I just started pumping almost a week ago with my homade pump. Should I jelq before I pump or just in between sets. I seem to be having a problem staying erect in the tube even while watching porn. It’s like I have to really concentrate to keep that erection so I don’t get fluid build up. Following pumoing 101 is it ok to pump 5 days then take one day off then start again on the seventh day. I currently do 5o jelques after my 1 set as I have not made it to the 3 set routine yet. I sit ok to do a 10 to 15 minute stretcing routine before I pump. Like straight out and side to side to try to help my length. My tube is 10 by 2 outside diameter, it is a little less inside. I am about 6.5 to 6.7 by 4.5 to 4.7. Will I begin to pack the tube girth wise or length wise first. I am already getting close at the base becase my gardeners pad makes the base a little narrower so I kinda have to push the tube on but its no problem with lube. I noticed that alot of my scrotum skin mabey turkey neck tends to get sucked in the tube and it makes it look like I am packing it when I am not yet. Mabey I have to much lube.

By the way I’m a 21 year old black guy aka mr. small dick.

It’s best to start out with your hot wrap. Then you can do your stretch routine. Then massage yourself to an erection and enter the tube and pump up slowly to your target pressure. Do you have a pressure gauge?

While pumping, alternate doing kegels and milking the tube. I do 50 kegels, then milk the tube 50 times using 1 to 2 second milk strokes. Keep doing kegels and milking until your set is over, then jelq for your 50 reps, then get an erection and enter the tube for your second set. Repeat doing kegels and milking. If this is your last pump set, finish by jelqing and then maintain an erection by masturbation for 5 to 15 minutes while you enjoy your porn.

After a week or so of this, I would almost guarantee your erections will improve and you will notice a big difference in the hang and thickness of your cock.

speaking of Hot Wraps...

Hey gprent,
I saw your reply here and thought I would post a related question. (You seem to be very helpfull!)

Regarding Hot Wraps. Could you elaborate on what and how to do this?

Bear in mind, I have used the search function, and I have gleaned some info. Specifically, avocet8 says in the “Vacuum Pumping 101” thread:

“…I wrap my penis in a warm wet wash cloth, as warm as is still comfortable. I add more warm water as I need to and do this for a few minutes. Men who have pumps which allow for warm water pumping can skip this step. Heat relaxes tissue and some believe that heat promotes cell division. This “break” time usually lasts 5 to 8 minutes for me…”

But I need more details. Should I just douse a wash cloth in hot water and drape it over my package? Of should I really “bunch it up” so it is tight? Or wrap it like a mummy? And should the focus be on my penis, with no need to wrap balls?

Is it enough to use a soaked washcloth for 2-3 minutes and “wrap”, then soak it again and do another 2-3 minutes? Or is it better to be in the bathtub and continuously be dousing it?

Sorry to be so detailed, but I want to get this right. (I checked for a video — those are terrific videos! — but didn’t see one for wrapping… or even pumping for that matter…)

Commander Blop
PS: I am sure you know that I am primarily pumping, though I do some light jelqing in between sets… thanks, I really appreciate it…

I think the most effective thing to use for hot wrapping, especially for pumpers, is an electric heat pad. I got my heat pad from Target for $13. It is called the Soft Heat moist or dry heating pad, made by Kaz, model no. HP710 with a 12X15 inch pad. You can wrap your cock directly in this prior to PE and then wrap the vacuum tube in it to stay warm while pumping. This promotes rapid expansion in the tube and eliminates condensation.

The goal of hot wrapping is to warm your cock through and through, so it doesn’t matter what method you choose as long as you accomplish this.

Newbies especially need to pay attention to the warm-wrap; do it between pumps, right after you come out of the tube or after you do your manual exercises, then work up another erection like gprent says for the next pump session. If you are using the warm washcloth method, wrap the cloth in such a way that your entire shaft and glans are covered. Not your balls. All heat on your balls will do is reduce your sperm count temporarily, if that is important to you.



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