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help with jelq (jelq video confuses me)

help with jelq (jelq video confuses me)


ok i have been PEing for a while and more or less developed my own routines.…but i have a question regarding the basic jelq.
I always ‘thought’ i was doing jelqs….but now after seeing the video i am not so sure.

In the video it LOOKS like he is not applying a lot of pressure. Also, in the jelq-video it ‘looks’ like he is fairly erect which kind of confuses me.

My main-routine looks like this:

About 50%-70% erect….more makes it very hard (no pun intended), use lube and the usual warm-up

) grab base with the fingers fromig an O, either palms up or palms down, alternating.

) press quite *hard* and then pull the o-ring forward.

I then can *very well* feel the enlarged head and middle and pushing more and more forward up to the point where
i feel “it doesn’t go anymore” or it would hurt/damage me.

The best analogy would be with a air filled ballon which you press on one end and then ‘milk’ forward and also keep some pressure to displace the blood mainly to the middle shaft and glans. Alternate.

My problem (as said)…what am i actually doing ?

It does NOT look like the jelq in the video because it looks like he hardly does anything there (or i am overlooking something ?)..and i try to compare with the ‘uli’ video - but i cant download the uli-video. (Password and Userame).

Also…as a sidenote i think for some routines the borders aer sometimes ‘fluent’…eg. Jelq/Uli etc..etc…sometimes the difference is only in the pressure applied as it looks ?

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I hope you have described a jelq cause thats the way I do em!

I always do them palms down as I find I can get much closer to the bone that way.

Relax, you’re doing fine!

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