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What's going on with LA Pumps, I cant get a response?


What's going on with LA Pumps, I cant get a response?

Anyone know, they wont answer my emails or phone calls.

ladist is not known for being very chatty. Maybe it’s just the California laid back way. I know they always ship there product in good order. But communication is not their shining star.

Yeah, I have 2 emails into them also, with no replies, plus about 60 spam emails recieved a day.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. Although i think they are at a show in chicago because on their answering machine it says they are closed from may.26 to june.2. This through me off at first but i think they just made a mistake, it should have said from june.26 to july.2.

I’m just going to send me money order in with the address on the website. i hope $150 is enough for the brass pump and cylinder.


If you fill out the online order form, the exact price should be calculated for you and I believe an extra charge for shipping outside the US. I think sending the exact amount would be the best. I just got the impression that your $150 was a ballpark figure.

I also was trying to contact them, to ask if they took check or money order. So you think Money Order is okay?


Just got this mesaage from them in my email, they will accept money orders:

Thank you for your e-mail

We accept money orders only. You can go to our site and go through the order process, when it asked for your credit card just print out the pages and send to the address listed.

Thanks Again


Customer Service

LAP Dist llc

LA Pump Brands

They never replied to my emails either. Instead, they just sent my order on time. Imagine that! :)


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I’ve also experienced this. I placed an order two days ago, never recieved that email with my receipt but money was drawn from my bank account. I’ve contacted them about this but I haven’t heard from them yet. It kind of freaked me out, but after reading this I feel a bit better. Still a bit scared I’m about to get ripped off though.

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I sent off a money order to LA pump just over 2 weeks ago and i havn’t recieved my pump yet, i live in the UK so i guess it could still be on its way. I emailed them and they responded asking for my details so i gave them, as yet they havn’t replied but its only been a day, i’m still a little bit worried though.



LA pump is freakin horrible, 100% $hitass costomer service. I also sent my money order there one week ago and havent even heard a peep. I wrote them half a dozen times just wanting a boo but nothing still. Called and called their phoneline and still nothing with a crack head answering machine response. The only reason why i went there was because everyone here loves them and respects them.

What the hell is going on with these base heads!

They replied to me about 3 days ago and said my pump had been sent and that if it didn’t arrive in a few days to email them back an they would look into it, so i’ve just emailed them. I am a bit paranoid that they have sent it to the wrong person or something because in an email they sent me they had my name spelt wrong, i have images of it being delivered to a neighbour or someone that knows me racing through my mind now, what a nightmare. I’m just hoping i’m gonna get it in the post on monday then i can rest easy and get pumping.



Will all you guys stop freaking out about your orders? Granted, this company is not the best with correspondence, but if all their customers are as paranoid as you all, I would imagine they get fed up with it after a while. Keep your pants on guys! This company is not in the business of ripping people off. If anything is slowing down your orders, it is probably customs and there is nothing lapdist can do to fix that. Patience dudes!

This is weird shit. I ordered from those guys a few months ago and had a half hour phone chat with the feller over there. Nice guy, can’t remember his name. He even called me back with info on a question he couldn’t answer at the moment.

He had some dog yappin in the background, and I thought he was really funny too, telling the dog to shut up every few minutes.
Maybe his name was Charles, but that wouldn’t matter because I call everyone “Charles” - store clerks, waiters, cops - my wife.

I hope Charles is alright.

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