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What's going on with LA Pumps, I cant get a response?


This is a good company. I know the managers have lives outside of answering our email, but they do pay attention to orders and ship them when they are ready to be shipped. Do you think that Gprent, I, and others would suggest them as sources (we have been around the block) if they didn’t give you what you pay for?

Part of this comes down to enthusiasm about wanting to get started. I hope you all are more patient with the routines you decide on - not racing ahead - than you are about getting the goods you need to start those routines.



I got a note from the post office today saying thay had a parcel held for me and sure enough when i went down there and collected it it was my pump, it had been held up in customs. Sorry if i came across as impatient i really didn’t mean to its just i had timed my order to arrive during the weeks that my family were away on holiday and when they got back i got paranoid about the questions they might ask me over the large parcel i’d received.
As yet i havn’t had a chance to use the pump but i must say it looks very well made and of high quality.



Thanks for sharing the info guys. I’ve been thinking about ordering one, via check and snail mail, and having it shipped to my work address. I’ll assume a 4-6 week turn-around if I do so.

Yes Thunder they sent me an email saying they had shipped my order but they had my surname spelt incorrectly so i was a bit worried that my pump might end up on someone elses doorstep, no worries now its safely tucked away in my room though :)



I ordered my cylinder and pump from LA Pump. They did email me my shipping info and everything arrived in good order. I would recommend them. I hope to, knock on wood, order my next cylinder from them.

I got my pump today and everything looks really good. It took over three weeks but it got here. I live in Canada.


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