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What have I done?

What have I done?

I’ve been pumping for 3 weeks now following the pumping 101 thread religiously. I pump usually at 3 in/hG and never go over 5. Last night I pumped for 10 mins after doing my warm up in the shower and everything was done as normal. When I finished my session I noticed around half way down my shaft a purplish/brown mark around a half inch diameter appeared. It’s like a bruise or a blood blister. I’ve obviously burst something and I plan on taking a week or so off until it heals. It doesn’t hurt at all in fact I can’t even feel it, but I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what it may be and why it happened.

I know it would probably be caused from pumping to high, but I was only at 4 last night and I‘ve pumped at 5 comfortably in the past with no side affects.

If it is fairly round, it could be a burst vein.

If it is uneven it could be skin capillaries that ruptured.

I get that even at 4 in hg…even with months under my belt.

Whatever vacuum you get it at…try and stay below that level.

It will heal so don’t be worried, but do note what level that occured at and stay below it for a while.

After a time you can then retry that level and see what happens. With time the vessels may get tougher…or not.

Time will tell.

Just sounds like a stroke of bad luck for no apparent reason. Taking a week off is a good plan.

My only question is do you pump up to your target pressure fast or slow?

One more question. Are you on any kind of blood thinner? Aspirin? Vitamin E? Ginkgo?

Sounds like a burst vein to me. If that’s the case you might feel a grain of coagulated blood (hard to the touch) on the vein wall within the patch.

A week off is probably not enough in this case. You need to give it enough time to repair properly. Also when you start back, be very careful and watch like a hawk for a recurrence in the same place.


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