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what do you use to wrap?

what do you use to wrap?

What do you guys use to wrap to avoid donuts? I’ve tried a few things but nothing really is good enough to stick with yet..


Read my thread ‘best ways of hanging - some ideas’. Your input is welcome.


Later - ttt

Cohesive support bandages i’ve found are excellent.. but still cant get rid of donut. Goes away after a few hours though.. I wrap when I start to get a donut until finished then for half a hour afterwards but still happens.. am I not wrapping right or something?

Wrap for what, ADS, hanging, pumping?

Gut Scramblin' goodness.


I use an AC Bandage after my clamping routine for about 45 minutes. I trimed it to 24 inches and I pull my dick straight out as fa as I can and starting from just below the glands, I wrap to the base and back to the glands. I don’t wrap to tight, just snug.

Condoms and bicycle inner tubes are popular. Try searching for “condom pumping.” There’s a very long thread on the topic.

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Originally Posted by ticktickticker
Read my thread ‘best ways of hanging - some ideas’. Your input is welcome.


You sure love to pimp your thread even when it doesn’t have to do with hanging! :p

Gut Scramblin' goodness.

Bizz - peforeal has talked a good deal here about avoiding donuts by wrapping. Look up some of his threads.



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