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Water Pumping inexpensively

Water Pumping inexpensively

I’ve been doing PE on and off for over 10 years and pumping on and off for 3 years.

From my experiments with pumping I thought I should share what I’ve found.

First of all, I do not recommend air pumping. Perhaps condom pumping using air as a medium would be good, but I don’t have experience with this. However, I would like to try sleeve pumping.

I solely water pump now, and I don’t have a pump, or a gauge, and only a $20 tube, and I use my mouth to create the suction and it works GREAT!

I’m sure there are better setups, but if you want to get into pumping cheaply and easily this should suffice.

Either buy a tube or make one. To make one there are good threads, the only difference I recommend when making one is to use heat to get the plastic pliable at the base of the tube and bend it up so that you have a round base. I recommend buying a tube as your cost will be about the same anyway.

I have a jim diamond tube, bought from and I also bought the dual hose connector. Then I took the dual host connector apart and all I did was attach another plastic tube that I bought from home depot to the jim diamond connector/tube. If there is any interest in my setup I will take a picture for you guys.

The best way to get a good water pump is to sit in a bath tub filled with water, stick your erect penis in the tub, then suck the hose until you can’t suck anymore, kink the hose, spit, repeat until you feel you’ve maximized the suction, then pull the connector and you will have a great seal and no air in the tube. Oh, you will need some sort of lubricant on your penis, I use Vaseline.

I have no clue what pressure I pump to with this technique, just that it works.

You can do this with any variety of an erection from limp to super hard, I prefer hard.

My penis is well conditioned so I stay in the tube for 30-50 minutes at a time, don’t stay in that long until you’re conditioned for it.

I get no lymph build up, and I used to get bad donuts when I was air pumping.

The benefits of the pump will last for about 4 hours, ejaculation will be better, erection quality will be better and bigger. I always like to try to get a pump in before I know I’m going to be hooking up with a girl.

I have only been doing this routine for a few weeks now, but I suspect it can result in permanent gains.


2010.02: 7-1/8" Bpel | 5-1/8" Mseg | 5-1/2" Beg

2010.06: 7-1/8" Bpel | 5-1/8" Mseg | 5-3/4" Beg

With water pumping high pressure increases aren’t a large concern like they are with air pumping. Why? Because the bulk modulus of water is 20,000 times larger than the bulk modulus of air.

Ok so what if you aren’t a nerd and have no idea what that means: In short the larger the bulk modulus, the less volume you need to remove to change the pressure. You can get a very large change in pressure by removing only a small volume of water; but you need to remove about 20,000 times that in air to get the same pressure change. But this also means the your penis only needs to expand a by a small volume to bring the pressure down. So water pumping is much safer in this regard, you don’t need to worry as much about having the pressure too low.

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Also, the Harbor Freight Brake Bleeder pump is water-pumping compatible. Has gauge. Around $25.00.

Excellent brass pump

Brake Bleeder and Vacuum Pump Kit…-kit-92474.html

Take a look at the picture of the kit at that link.

To set up for water pumping:

Pump <———-> reservoir cup <—————> cylinder

The cup catches any water overflow before it can get into pumping mechanism.

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