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Cold water pumping and cooldown to remove discoloration

Cold water pumping and cooldown to remove discoloration

I recently noticed after my 20 minute Bathmate workout that I get some major darkening of the skin of my penis. For the last two weeks, I have been filling my Bathmate with very cold water after my workout, and have noticed that after five minutes of soaking in the cold water, my penis returns to nice bright pink, instead of the very dark, almost purple that it is after I remove it from the warm water I use for my pumping routine. The darkness will return over the next two hours, however. So yesterday afternoon I gave my dick an extra 5 minute cold-water soak, probably about 5 hours after my workout. Didn’t notice a huge difference, but it did seem to lighten quite a bit of the darkness. And today would have been a day off for me, but I gave the penis a five minute, warm water soak, (very low vacuum) followed by an additional 10 minutes of ice-water. It seemed to lighten the skin again, but now it seems to be returning to darker shades. I’m guessing the darkness is caused by blood raising up nearer to the surface of the skin. Will have to try to learn more about it. I will have to wait and see what difference, if any, this will make. Best case scenario is it lightens the discoloration, and the cold water helps reduce swelling and inflammation and makes my penis heal quicker and gain even more. I seem to get good expansion, even under low vacuum, and in cold water. My cold water pumped length never exceeded 180mms, and my fresh from the cold girth still hit almost 6 inches. So I’m not worried about shrinkage.

Report back in a few weeks with more results ray. Interesting. And blimey that’s a big block of text!

I know, I kinda got carried away with my explanation. I think I still do “firegoat rolls” immediately after exiting the warm water Bathmate session. Seems to relieve the discoloration quite a bit. But I was actually shocked at the difference in color after just a few minutes in the cold water. Left me with a big, pink 7x6 inch flaccid. It seems a waste to have to put on pants when my dick is flopping around at that size! Often times I’ll just walk around, nude, or with my dong hanging out my the fly opening of my boxer’s shorts for a half hour after a good session.

I don’t think this is making much difference in all truth. I guess it hasn’t been very long yet.

Try it another couple of weeks, and if it still isn’t making much difference, scrap it - all experiments that add to the Thunder’s Place knowledge base are good! :)

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