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Vacuum Pumping 101

I’ve been pumping for a little over a week now and I’ve been following Avocet’s routine.I am feeling that “Steel cord” erection ever since. I usually pump to about 5 and maintain it with random pumping to stay there. I DID however one day try to pump way up and I got those little bumps right on the tip of my shaft and into the pee hole. They got sore and caused some erratic peeing but now they’re gone. I’ll be keeping it around 5 now.

You can but your gauge will go to hell. Find a water pressure gauge or go by feeling (only for experienced pumpers though, IMO).

Hi. I have several questions. Please excuse me if it has been answered in detail; I can not seem to find discussion on it and do not have enough posts to create my own thread. I included my answers to the questions. If you have any input on my side of things, please do say.

I do not have a set routine, but I’ve tried pumping for a while now just randomly. I want to focus now and set a routine for this, but I just have these questions. My sessions/routine are looking to be 2 on/1 off with 2-3 sessions a day (to start) for 13 minutes each at ~4 in/Hg.

1. Do you enter the pump flaccid, semi-erect, or erect? I enter as erect as possible. (I have tried pumping from flaccid, but I read somewhere it’s bad and can cause ED, so I stopped.)
2. Do you stay erect while in the pump for the duration of your session (your body keeping it erect, as opposed to just the vacuum)? I can feel my body’s erection subsiding, even if my penis is still “erect” in the tube. If my erection is subsiding, if I let go of the pump, the angle of the pump (and thus my penis) will slowly go down (but stays “erect”). They stay up if I am aroused enough, but I can never keep my (body’s) erection through my whole session.
3. If #2 is yes, do you use porn? I usually try to get an erection pre-pumping using just imagination/touch. If I feel like my erection is subsiding during pumping, I use porn, but after a while porn does not arouse me enough to keep my body’s erection. I just finish the session even though I am only, at most, semi-erect (but my penis is “full” via the pump).
4. Do you come out of the pump flaccid, semi-erect, or erect? I come out erect or semi-erect and then it subsides if I do not stimulate myself through touch. I feel like I’m bored by the end of my session, so touching is the only thing that keeps/gives an erection after pumping.

By “session” I just mean one time you put the pump on, not the whole time you are pumping, which may include deflating, massaging, “re-erecting”, and pumping multiple times. I would like to detox from porn, as I think I am pretty desensitised to it (among other reasons), and my EQ is not what I feel it should be (I’m still in my early 20’s). I can still get 8-9/10 EQ, but I feel like it takes too much to keep my erection and the quality of it (so I guess it’s not really 8-9 if I can’t keep it well?). My penis always slightly deflates if I stand up, move around, or change positions. Also, I sort of have a deflated glans (it’s soft, and I can jelq and expand it by a fair amount after achieving an erection; the “8-9/10 EQ” is for the rest of my penis that naturally gets pretty hard). I may try what that DMSO/iodine thread is talking about.

Anyways, thank you guys. I appreciate you all do here. My penis agrees, too :)


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1) Going in the tube while soft certainly does not cause ED.

Where did you read that?

3) I never watch porn while I pump. I watch CNN. But that doesn’t mean that porn is a bad thing. If you think you are OD’ing on porn; cut way back on it.

4) Some guys keep the erection or a portion of it for awhile. Some lose the erection quickly once out of the pump



I am using VIGRX PLUS Pill with Vacuum pump therapy. I have seen growing results with almost 2 weeks. It great.

I have severe Ed so until last August when I started Trimix injections, I alway went in flaccid and usually came out with a semi which quickly returned to a flaccid state unles I slipped on a tight constriction band to maintain it and kegeled in more blood. I attribute most of my 1/2 inch gain in girth to pumping.

I have been using DMSO/I since last June. I started applying it to reverse some discoloration and potentially to reverse tissue damage which may have caused a venous leak. It did reverse the discoloration, but the effect on the venous leak is mut, because the Trimix has overcome the ED. I continue to use it on a daily basis to prevent scaring from the injections. I mention this to let you know that I have not experienced any negative side effects from the use of the DMSO solution, though I can not confirm its effectiveness on deflated glans. Give it a try and see what happens

Not sure if my pump is helping or not.

For starters, I do not pack my pump. Its diameter is 1 and 3/4 inches. I never pump pass 5hgs in pressure. Time in the pump has increased significantly but recently due to time constraints I had to abandon my routine for a simpler less time consuming one.

When pumping I feel the suction to be on the base of my dick below my shaft and less of it on my shaft and tip. More on the scrotum which leads to a few things I have noticed - A testicle ends up being slowly dragged in very uncomfortably. Or the feeling that I am putting pressure on the spot where a turkey neck will develop ( although I haven’t noticed any excess skin )

I do notice my dick expands lengthwise and I think ( very very emphasizing the “think” part here ) in girth while pumping. But something just keeps telling me that I am actually putting most of the vacuum on the base of my dick and not the intended target.

Upon removing my unit from the pump its always fat and heavy feeling.

Does anyone think I should drop to a 1 and 1/2” pump? I am just concerned that since I don’t come close to packing this tube I am not properly displacing the vacuum on my shaft and not really benefiting from the pump.

Sounds like you need a smaller cylinder. What is your MSEG ? Check out the Pumpers Forum, and the sticky on cylinder sizing.

I have just started a manual stretching and pumping. Post 4 months of jelq/stretching.

As I enter my second we I am going 2@10min @ 3hg. I’m felling good and look good.

How many months/years does it take to keep the gains in the tube to be permanent?

Hello everyone, does someone could give me a routine (time, pressure.) For all days of pumping to win especially in diameter thank you. Sorry for my english I’m french.


Try the first pages of this thread. There is a routine there that could be very helpful either for girth or length, or both.

Your English is fine. We get what you are saying. :)



Wow…. I can’t believe it’s almost 3 years now since i joined this forum…. I’ve had ups, downs, injuries, but I’ve also had GROWTH… so for anyone who thinks this stuff is all fake… I can say with 100% certainty that I have grown from penis enlargement techniques….

I haven’t posted in so long, I didn’t even remember what my starting size was… I was AMAZED at how much I have grown, because as always, it’s never enough… I still feel not long enough, not thick enough… I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel insecure… just seems like when I was bodybuilding back in the day… it’s like body dysmorphia including the penis..

Anyway, it seems I was 5.5” BPEL according to my post in 2009…. today am an easy 7.125” BPEL and I literally took off at least a year in between…. other than jelqing in the shower ever single time I shower and clean my johnson (maybe 30 jelq’s tops)… I guess it adds up over time… I also saw that I only went up to 7” in the 1.75” diameter tube… ha ha haha I do that now in the 2” tube… I got rid of the 1.75” tube (idiot) because I didn’t understand how it all works…

Here is my tiny, tiny bit of advice… You don’t need 15mm Hg (I go there, and have been forever, with no injuries, but it feels like I’m going to split my johnson at any second and it does hurt a bit and I only do 10 minutes tops)… 10 minutes for more times a day is better than longer, fewer times (for permanent growth) becuase longer than 10 minutes (for me) is just fluid build up. If I want to have a 7” girth tool for my wife , then I can pump until I pack the tube, but she hates the donut effect (says it looks freaky and gross)… so I use a silicone sleeve cut so it is only long enough to cover the donut area to keep it from inflating when I go for the big daddy effect…

My wife says it doesn’t matter about my size, because she loves me and I’m just fine… actually length wise, even though I am no long dong… I still hit her cervix if she is not in a wildly arroused state, which in our marriage isn’t all that often, so I’m not even concerned with length anymore (other than to see what happens out of curiosity)… Anyway, I’ve been doing this pretty much secretly…oh she new I was doing it but I kept it from her since she thought I was a sex addict or something (my wife is VERY traditional, I’m not complaining, in marriage there are pros and cons for everything…she is VERY reliable and stable… I wouldn’t trade her for anyone… not even a super nympho babe)… But one day before she got home from work, I managed to time it perfect so that I was at MAX engorgement when she was ready (lots of fluid) and when I put it in her, she was like “Oh goodness, you are huge, it feels soooooooo good”… well, so much for the I don’t care about your size argument… I mean I know she doesn’t but I WANT to please her too!

I know I’m rambling… but I’m sort of just free writing as stuff comes to me …it’s been a long time after all…

So now I’m just doing a 10 minutes set at 15mm Hg when I get up, 10 min. @ 15mm Hg when I go to bed, and maybe 2 or 3 10 minutes during the day…some days I only do one set at bed time. I work at home so I can do it, but on the weekends when kids and wife are home…I can only do one session in the evening..

My goal is to get to 7” girth without having it be fluid… right now I’m up to 6” middle of johnson (that’s where I measure… the base it bigger, but I want to measure the part that does most of the action)…so I have an inch to go and I still don’t pack the middle (in 10 minutes in the 2” tube)…. so when I can pack the middle in 10 minutes of the 2” tube, I’ll get a 2.25” tube.. and if and when I can pack that in 10 minutes…I’ll move to a 2.5” tube and that will be the end…. maintenance after that.

Oh and as for the mm Hg… after reading today, I think I’ll tone it down to 10-12 mm Hg.. as it doesn’t hurt there, it just feels really tight… 5mm Hg, feels like nothing at all… like I don’t even have suction on…. I mean I do, but it is so weak (to me) it feels like the whole tube could fall off if I bent it down or something… at 10-15 mm Hg… if I bend it down, I get a serious ligament stretch… ah ah a ha ha aa I also think the higher pressure (not advocating for anyone else) but for me, at least 10 mm Hg…I think actually is helping length…

@skepticalONe, what was your starting girth, and do you only pump for PE?

@joesnuffy…. I can’t remember what it was… I know I should have written it down. I actually logged on today out of curiosity…I thought I would have all my stats here…I only found my BPEL via a post I made in 2009… I’d say it was probably 5” erect ? But I’m guessing… as far as non erect, I could care less… I shrivel up so much… adrenaline causes all the blood to flow OUT of the penis and I get adrenaline rushes all the time… when I used to squat heavy (600 lbs + ) my johnson would actually shrink all the way to inside my body!! talk about weird… when I finished my squats, it would pop out… but still be super shrunken… looks like one of those dogs with the extra skin… So measuring non erect has never had any appeal to me.. the only time I look like a heavy hanger (for me) is if it’s really hot out and I’m really relaxed. Otherwise, I’m always turtled up.


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