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Too small cylinder limit expansion

Too small cylinder limit expansion

This probably belongs in the pumpers forum, but I don’t post often enough to have permission :)

Can pumping in a cylinder that is too small for your base girth limit expansion further up the shaft? I have a 1.75” cylinder, and I recently noticed I have to kind of shimmy into it at the very base. I’ve been packing about the first 1.75” for a while, and haven’t seen much in the way of mid-shaft growth in about 3 months. I’ve also noticed I don’t extend as far into the tube lengthwise since my BG outgrew the tube. I have already ordered a 2” cylinder, but I was curious if the fact that my base girth has been so close to the cylinder circumference has been inhibiting growth.

Also, is there any way to even out the girth from base to head, or at least target MSEG more? I don’t mind a little taper, but my very base is (approximately, it’s hard to measure with the balls flopping around down there) 5.25 or maybe a bit more, but mid-shaft is only 4 and 5/8ths, and below the glans is 4.5. The base tapers in dramatically in the first half inch or so of length. I don’t want any more BG for now, and I’m a little afraid that stepping up the tube size will allow it increase but continue doing nothing for MSEG.

My current routine is:
Warm up with a heating pad
Stretch for about 3 minutes (I’m not really looking for length, this is just to limber up)
15 minutes in the tube at 3-3.5HG under an IR lamp
5 min rest, light jelqing for blood flow
10 minutes clamping (base expands a lot more than MS)
5 minutes rest, again with the light jelqing
15 minutes in the tube
Edge (time varies with my attention span)

I’m very consistent about it doing this every day unless I get neg PI, then I either back off the intensity for a couple days or take a day or two off (usually every two weeks or so I have to do this). Any suggestions for improvement are welcome. I have been thinking of pumping less or not at all and focusing on clamping, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

It is very common for the base to pack first and then eventually the rest of the shaft catches up and packs. It might go better if you put your two 15 minute pump sessions closer together in your routine.

If you want to even things out though, it is probably better to stay with the 1.75 until your midshaft catches up to the base and you get a full pack. If you go to the 2.0, your base will still fill the tube first and could make your goal seem further away.

As an experiment, try doing 3 pump sets in a row with a short jelq break in between. Do you two 15 minute sets as usual and then add a third 10 to 15 minute set just to see what happens. Keep the heat on to aid in your expansion.

A full pack takes time though in terms of weeks, so stay patient.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thanks for the advice, Gprent! I’ll put the pumping sessions together and see how that goes.

Yes, your problem is an easier fix than mine. I pack the base, and then the top with girth below the head before my midshaft gets a chance to expand!

Just keep plugging away. These things take time and consistency. Try to pump every day even if only for just a small amount.

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