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Third Week of Pumping

Third Week of Pumping

After 3 Weeks of pumping with my homemade pump, it seems like I am able to hit the 7 inch mark with less vacum on a regular basis. When I first started it took like 5 hg, now it takes a little less. How will I ever pack the tube if I never go passed 5 hg, which is the recommended range. I went up t 15 hg, and can get close to 8 inches, I just have a problem with my turkey neck always being sucked into the tube. Will this stop me from gaining, if it is in the tube all the tiem blocking my cock from expanding.

YO, Way!

What is it with you guys who think more must be better?? Pumping is a little like vanilla extract flavoring. It smells so good and it tastes so good in ice cream, in small amounts. But pour a tablespoon out and drink it; the taste is pretty vile.

You don’t need 15 hg to pack your tube. You need time and regular pumping at sensible pressures.

Maybe another lousy analogy, but try considering your cock as if it were a rubber band. Stretch it, extend it, then release. It just snaps back to it’s former shape and size. Pull the rubber band out too far and it breaks.

But keep streching that rubber band repeatedly and moderately and it will become longer, without breaking.



so what your saying is stay in the 4 to 5 range. I only go to like 10 on my last set for like 30 minutes, but i’ll stop it, and stay between 4 and 5. ABout to start my 4th week tomorrow, which means 2 15 minute sessions. Got any advice. Should I wear the thera p on my day off, which is usually sunday. I still can’t get the hang of it. I put it on after my workouts and too tyte and my glans start to get purple, too loose, and I don’t maintain enough engorgement. Ahhh. I tried yesterday putting the wrap on, then pulling my large forskin back, and putting an ace bandage wrap on to keep the glans engorged. It seemed to be goin well then mr purple came. I usually wear the thera p around jsut cock. Seems to work better that way.

Originally Posted by waytoobig
It seemed to be goin well then mr purple came. I usually wear the thera p around just cock. Seems to work better that way.

Try it instead around both cock and balls. Much easier to get the right firmness of fabric hold without choking yourself,which it sounds like you are doing now. Check often in the beginning to see if your glans is the right color, healthy pink showing that you are getting oxygenated blood.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t keep engorgement a long time with it on. This is a gradual process, like everything else in PE. Yes, wear it on your day off if you want. You’ll still be healing some microtears from the previous day’s workout.

PS: Yes, stay in the 3 - 5 range. You are nowhere near conditioned enough to pumping yet to try much above that.



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