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Destroying Barriers - Maxing out, the ultimate in pumping.

Destroying Barriers - Maxing out, the ultimate in pumping.

Guys, be sure to read this, which is several posts down.

Long hiatus…..maybe my third from this site, but I’m back to spread the wealth. First let me say, it lies…the penis lies to you BIG time. The pain isn’t always an indication to stop, at one point it serves as only a barrier. You think if you cross that barrier you’ll damage yourself to an unrecoverable state, but it’s not true at all. You see, I’m the type that is impatient, since I was about 14,15 (I’m 21 going on 22 now) years old I’ve had about an 8 inch prick (yes I’ve measured correctly) and it hasn’t grown. I know I should be happy with what I have, but I’m mental..I want to be HUGE.

I’ve devoted the last couple of months completely to HARDCORE pumping (since late September) to astounding results. I’ve had pumping equipment since I was 18 but I was never committed to it, casually doing it and stopping every time my penis swelled up ‘out of fear of mangled meat’. Around Sept 20th or so I went ballistic. First let me tell you, I wasn’t aware that getting longterm results just pumping takes up to a year. When I didn’t see gains right away like in a month or two it would really frustrate me. So one day I told myself I don’t care anymore I want a big dick and I don’t care what it takes. I began maxing out pumping almost everyday since then. On my pump there are centimeter indicators. My goal: 23cm. That’s just over 9 inches and about the length of your standard pump. So everyday I pushed and about a week ago I reached my goal. I maxed out completely as usual. No deformation, almost no pain. There I was, 9+ inches in the pump, amazing. I almost never thought I’d see the day I could do it without writhing in pain with it completely distorted. This took place over a span of only four months.

My current status: I pump at hours at a time (I don’t really go by a clock or set time, makes me feel restrained and uneasy)..on a good day when no one is around a good 3+ hours at one session. During the course of a day I invest about 4 hours average.

Gains: Minimal. About a half inch in length girth not stabilizing yet. I think this is due to part I suffer from a form of erectile dysfunction known as venous leakage where blood isn’t successfully trapped in the penis to maintain an erection. My flaccid gains stay up to 2 days sometimes before going back to normal. I only take complete day(s) rest if there is a stinging sensation (which has only happened badly once and that’s because I was holding the pump wrong) or if I’m just not in the mood.

Observations: Veining definition at the base of the penis, skins looser. Temporary distortion in the flaccid state, folds that develop from the donut. Even when giving the penis the full rest the lines from where the folds take place stay, but any swelling whatsoever eventually goes away. When erect there is no evidence of anatomical deformation, all fold lines are still visible though.

Current goals: I found out my ED is reversible, so…purchasing product(s) that will eliminate my erection problem is one. Cocoa butter. Fix the complexion over the top my penis from a bad pump position that caused a slight skin tear. Hopefully my penis will reach the 8.5”, 9” mark and stay put with my continued regimen.

Technique: Set a size goal and work towards it, pump towards it. Pump passed mild pain, stop at intense pain. I ignore the donut because it always goes away. The times it seems like it hangs around I stop completely. Penis completely normal by the following day and I’m still able to reach my measured goal without interruption and swelling.

- Heated baby oil for lube

- My pump is unflanged and I use no penis completely spreads out to the max in the pump girth wise.

- I pump in a sitting position when pumping for hours. I stay comfortable and maintain my erection. Standing for more than 2 hours puts my legs to sleep and just bothers me after awhile. Since there’s no difference in my erection quality from standing jerking or standing pumping I sit.

- I hold the pump almost perpendicular from the floor in a sitting position. Holding it lower causes pain and stress over the top of my penis in the middle section of it. I caused a really bad outing ignoring pain (and the fact I was using a bad position to that degree) and suffered some micro-skin tearing. The area is slightly discolored, but nothing cocoa butter can’t handle.

That’s it for now, I’ll keep everyone posted.

Where did you get your cylinder from?

Been looking for one with measurements on it.


Congrats on your gains, even if they are not stable as you say. I’ll leave your pumping comments to those in the know but I have a question about your ED:

>I found out my ED is reversible, so…purchasing product(s) that will eliminate my erection problem is one.<

I was under the impression that a venous leakage is only correctable by surgery. What products do you mean here? And what do you do in the meantime to help your erection strength? Do you use viagra or a cock ring for instance?


I got my pump from a European website about 3 years ago. I forget the name. I got my pumps from various adult stores. So I don’t know the manufacturer’s origin for all of them. is one if I remember right.

As for the ED..I discovered something while watching one of my favorite pornstars, Lexington Steele. (For size admiration and performance reasons of course :) ) I downloaded some movies off a filesharing program and caught one of his earlier works. It wasn’t the same Lex I’m use to seeing today, he was having erection trouble and his penis wasn’t very veiny. It had a ‘pumped’ look to it. I was convinced that he was on something that restored his erection quality because it was clear he was suffering from venous leakage in the old vid.

Today Lex’s penis doesn’t look like that, hell it looks like his size is natural due to the perfect wood he gets. I did some surfing around and discovered there were pornstar products (one developed by Peter North) and others that restore the venous problems over time and restore increase erections. There was an herbal site I came across also..I think it’s called herballove(?).com

Now that I think about it, I don’t want this method to go as gospel because what’s working for me might bust someones skin and cause problems (like clotting and gang green results) because don’t get me wrong there is a significant amount of pain experienced in the first few months doing this. I happen to be crazy and possessed when it comes to pumping now and have an extremely high tolerance for pain, what’s mild for me might be excruciating to you ( there’s no seal on my pump for one, so the base drills into my pubic bone and upper part of my testicles and forms a ring during and for a couple of hours after pumping).

Newbies, don’t even think about what plasticman does. Even seasoned pumpers should beware.

He gives good cautions, however, and points out that what works for him may not work at all for others and may even cause damage.

Extreme pumping does give the results that pm reports: rather astounding length/girth under extended periods of vacuum. This is one of the reasons that LA Pump offers tubes in extraordinary sizes.

But what is happening here is lymphatic fluid build-up, not gradual increased capacity for blood within the cavernosal chambers.

As for ED, the distinction has to be made between arterial insufficiency (inadequate delivery to create a firm erection) and venous leakage (blood goes in, but blood drains out before sex begins or before it should end).

Regular pumping definitely can “remodel” a penile vascular system that is compromised - arterial insufficiency. Can it correct venous leakage though? I don’t know, and my urologist who knows a lot about this would certainly disagree. He believes that very frequent and excessively long in duration erections actually encourage the worsening of venous leakage and may even cause it.

I keep an open mind, but I know of no herbal compound that ameliorates venous leakage. It may well be that when you see L. Steel performing in later films, he is using significiant amounts of PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra and the rest) or, more likely, he is injecting prostaglandin or a combination of that and similar acting drugs - a very common and very effective method of overcoming ED arising from several causes.



Can someone delete this thread please…I’ve lost alot of feeling in my penis over the last week with alot of pain at the base and deformity has started showing and staying, I’m scheduled to see a urologist. This method I’ve posted IS dangerous and I don’t want someone to mess their unit up. I hope to god what I’ve done isn’t permanent :( I can’t get erections period now.

Sorry to hear that, Plasticman. I hope you recover soon.

This thread should stay. I’ll add a warning and link in your first post to the one about your injury.

Wow! Thanks Thunder and Hobby. Good move leaving this thread as a warning. Plasticman, wish you speedy recovery, please keep us posted.

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Good Luck, Bro. The godawful scares from over/improper training are scary as hell. Get well soon, brother.

Plasticman: any update?


This thread almost gave me a heart attack when I read it, but I have since realized that Plasticman is ok. He does seem to have lingering effects, however.

You can read his update here.


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Wow thanks for pointing out that update, Blop.

I stumbled upon this thread a good while back and felt absolutely terrible for him. Had always wondered how things turned out.

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