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The joy of pumping, just do it.


The joy of pumping, just do it.

I have been pumping/jelqing for about a year now with homemade equipment and have had some excellent results.

Before: BPEL 6.75”
Girth 4.75”

Currently: BPEL 7.6”
Girth 5.25”

In the tube: L 8.2”
Girth 6.O”+

I don’t have a proven routine and I’ve tried everything except hanging. I don’t have the privacy for that.

Wifey knows about the pumping stuff and likes it when I get huge and pop a Viagra( to get him hard). You’ve got to try it! My only fear is that she’ll not want the “little guy”any more.

I can do pictures of my equipment easy, just let me know. I have a caulk tube for just the willy and a suntea jar for the entire package. Absolutely a piece of cake to put them both together. I’ll tell you how in my next post….. if you’d like. All together I think I’ve spent about $40.


Good to read of another member experiencing the joys of pumping. Congratulations on your great length and girth gains. Pumping as a solo PE activity is easy and can produce permanent results with a proper routine. When you throw in other PE techniques, the gains can be wonderfully cumulative. I’m sure your wife is very appreciative of your enhanced size, especially in girth.


A. Muskrat;

My guess is that if she likes what you’re at and are doing now, she’s not going to want to go back to what you used to be.

Great gains for the year and with no proven routine. In this next year you may well “cement” some or all of the size you are seeing under vacuum. As peforeal suggests, try incorporating some routines into your pumping. A number of us respond well to alternating other PE exercises with short pump sets.

Did you also place a gauge on your equipment?
How often per week do you normally pump?



I too pump for fun…actually for health of my dick and sport.

I pump first thing in morning after I power computer up 5:00 - 6:00 AM ish

I use shave cream as lube and it gives great seal around base of my dick. I like pumping for >~hr in my 1 3/4 x 8” tube…maybe once a week I ramp up to 2 x 9” tube.

I’ve always been impressed with what I call “synergy” that our bodies develop with cylinders. My body interacts easily with 1 3/4 x 8” cylinder i.e. I can get up and walk around or sit at computer with cylinder dangling between my legs.

With 2 x 9” first few uses….I could do that….now I can.

Just my experiences…

OR eon

I used to pump every other day but I started to have erection problems, so I’m down to every other week.

My caulk tube is good for getting rid of the spots that appear when I’ve jelqed a little too forcefully. It’s starting to get to be too small (both length and girth). Does anyone know of an inexpensive larger tube?

I have a brake bleeding pump that I bought at an autoparts store($20) and it has a gage on it. Sometimes though I just run a tube straight to my mouth for suction. That works great for stealth pumping in the toilet.



Pumping sensibly actually improves erectile function.

Take a look at the pressure levels you are using and the time periods you are spending under pressure. And at the auxilliary exercises you do and how you are doing them.



Can you...

post pic of your pump, also how you made it.

Originally posted by amazingmuskrat
I used to pump every other day but I started to have erection problems, so I'm down to every other week.


I’ve been pumping almost daily for a few years. When I need an erection for say cybersex….I take 5 G L-Arginine (LA) about an hour before….that gives me good erections and I like to “edge” 30 - 60 min. I also take ~5 G LA at bedtime and I have nonbendable nocturnal erections (NEs) and piss hardons (PHs), the latter if I stay in bed long enough.

OR eon
65 yo

Healthy pumping


I agree, lately I’ve been more conservative with my pressure and have had far less trouble. For the last two weeks I’ve pumped after my manual stretch and jelq sessions.


Making a pump tube is easy. You can use a caulk tube as long as you aren’t more than 8.0x5.5”.

Go to your local harware store and get a tube of clear caulk that comes in a clear tube. Get some solvent like mineral spirits or paint thiner as well. Pry out the metal cap that’s in the tube and empty out the tube. Use the solvent to clean out the tube. I recomemd using some of the caulk to seal the top metal plate inside and out so that it doesn’t leak( or rust if you use it in the tub). Puncture the seal at the top of the tube and cut plastic end of tube near the tip so that the hole is big enough for decent air flow.
The hardest part comes with finding something to cushion the bottom edge of the tube. The best thing that I’ve come up with is some stuff called “Plasti Dip”. It’s sold as something to dip the end of tools into to give them a rubber like surface. The larger building supply stores carry it in the paint and/or the tool department. It comes in a can that is large enough that you can dip the bottom 2-3 in. of the tube in it. I made a great cushion/seal on my latest tube by dipping it into the plasti over and over letting each layer dry completely. I think I did about 5 coats. The stuff is pretty thick so you’ll have to judge how much of it you want applied to the tube and still leave room for yourself on the inside. I get a great seal with the plasti by coating myself with hand lotion before going in.
That’s it, your tube is ready to go. For a pump I tried using fluid transfer pumps from the auto parts store, but the don’t have gauges and they leak badly. They do however work well in the tub. I totally recommend putting 25 bucks into a brake bleeding pump (also from the auto parts store). It comes with a gauge and several attachments that will allow a temporary attachment of the pump tube to your caulk tube. These pumps are quite powerful so be careful and keep the pressure below around 5 or so until you know whats best for you.

I’ll try to get a photo or two posted soon so that you can see what I’m talking about.


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“The hardest part comes with finding something to cushion the bottom edge of the tube. The best thing that I’ve come up with is some stuff called “Plasti Dip”. It’s sold as something to dip the end of tools into to give them a rubber like surface. The larger building supply stores carry it in the paint and/or the tool department”


I bought a can of Plasti Dip was $7.99 I’ve got two cylinders to put cushions on…that’s what vendor recommended that I use.

OR eon

Amazingmuskrat,it’s always nice to see a post from someone else that has made their own tube and pump. Just a couple of suggestions;… if a guy has a caulking gun it will be way easier to cut the nozzle first then squeeze out the contents, straighten out a coat hanger or use a piece of dowel and push the plunger cap back out of the tube, if you can find a clear tube that has a latex caulking in it then all you need to clean the tube is soap and water, also you can buy a cheap caulking gun for around 3or4 bucks. I would also like to mention to take a look at my thread for making your own pump for around $20.00; it may give you some ideas if you want to vary your design. If you need to get into a larger tube at some point (as we all hope and work towards) a clear 2” aquarium gravel cleaner is the ticket, you can get one in any size up to 2” and only cost between $6-$9.00. Keep posting dude, this is the best forum for developing a solid pumping program and achieving results.



Great post, thanks. I’ve not been able to find clear caulk in something that was water based. I’ll keep looking.

I’ll also check out the gravel cleaner tubes because I’m getting real close to out growing the caulk tubes:-)

Anyone have an inexpensive way to cushion the base of a suntea jar? I’ve used plastic tubing split down the middle and glued it into place with adhesive. It works prettly well but still some soreness with long pump sessions.


I don’t know if you will have any luck finding a clear latex contents caulking tube but you never know whats out there until you really look, but once again, since gravel cleaners come in various diameters this would likely be the easiest solution. I know that sell suntea jar seals but be prepared to pay for it(I think they’re around $40.00 US). Another alternative would be to make a cock and ball tube out of a tupperware spaghetti container. I did and it ain’t half bad. I drilled a hole in the bottom and secured the suction tube with epoxy. For the seal I cut the center out of the top and sanded the cut edge smooth so all I had left was the outer ring of the lid. On a comfort level scale I would give it a 7out of 10 which is pretty good depending on pressure and time spent in the tube and also considering what I used to work with and it’s homemade.

“Another alternative would be to make a cock and ball tube out of a tupperware spaghetti container.”

Some of you guys are insanely creative. Does Tupperware know about this application?




Picked up a gravel cleaning tube at the local pet store. Absolutely perfect! The siphon tube is longer and bigger around and it’s walls are a little thicker. No metal to rust either.
Forget about the caulk tubes

The seal that I’ve gotten with clear tubing is about a 7 as well for comfort. I’ll keep looking.


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