Stretching post pump

I used to a be a BPFSL maniac, and still kind of am to a lesser degree than before. I measure it at various times of day, various stages of the workout, etc. - all to see what techniques are getting me the longest BPFSL, in order to pick and choose the best routines. I’ve noticed that when I do a BPFSL after my erection has subsided from a pump and jelq session (maybe 10 mins afterward) that I have my longest ever flaccid lengths, by anywhere from 0.2-0.4 cm.

Obviously pumping temporarily increases the girth and length, and based on a lot of reading from the vets here, it seems like the jelqing in this enlarged semi-erect state between pump sets is responsible for most of the permanent gains.

If jelqing is good, and jelqing a pump-enlarged cock is even better, then maybe stretching a pump-enlarged flaccid 10 mins after the session is even better than normal manual stretching.

I’m sure people have tried this before with manual, or by doing ADS or hanging post-pump. But I haven’t seen it mentioned and I’ve been reading a lot of Pumper’s Forum lately - what’s the collective wisdom on it?