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Slow to gain -- advice welcome

Slow to gain -- advice welcome

I am an older guy (62), and I became interested in PE in July, 1999. At first, I was interested in the health benefits of exercise, partly because with age the mechanisms start to weaken, and I was keen to keep things in good working order. Soon I got interested in the possibility of growth (I hadn’t realized it could be done, and I found the idea appealing). I tried the usual internet sites offering jelq-and-stretch, but (after a fair trial period) I had no gains. I then tried a couple of widely advertised mechanical devices, but they also were disappointing. These experiments took perhaps a year and a half, and although my penis toughened up quite a bit, I had no noticeable increase. I then came across For Size, the Bib hangers, and Thunder’s Place. I continued to work, both with manual exercize and hanging, and at last made some gains — see stats below. However, I had to give up hanging because of continuing foreskin injuries. In February, 2003 I set up a new routine, combining manual stretching and pumping, following the good advice provided on this site. I have continued with this routine until the present, with approximately one month off when I was abroad. But alas, I have made no gains, and have been stuck on a plateau for over a year now.
My present routine is as follows:
AM — Manual stretch (JAI to warm up, then, 10 sec. stretches in all directions. Lately, I have added DLD Blasters) (40 mins.)

PM — Pump (5 sets of 8 minutes each at 5hg with 100 jelques between sets) (60 mins).

Late evening — Manual stretch as above (15 mins.)

My schedule is 2 days on, one off.
Measurements are as follows:
July, 1999 — ELBP, 5.75 EG, 4.25
May, 2002 — ELBP, 6.75 EG, 5.00
No further gains after this date.
I am feeling a bit discouraged, but not ready to quit (I’m aiming for 7.5x5.5, which isn’t excessively ambitious).Any feedback would be immensely welcome. Thanks.

That sounds like a really solid routine, I’m surprised by your lack of results as of late.

This is an area where I’d be inclined to think it’s not the routine, but something else holding you back.

Shot in the dark: Do you wake up with erections? If not, I highly recommend 5 gs, morning and night of Arginine.

I still believe there to be a strong link between sexual health and PE.

Hopefully the more experienced pumpers can offer some suggestions.


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Thanks, Northstar. I have been wondering myself if there is some underlying physiological reason. I keep a watch on the erections, and they are OK. I am on (medically-supervised) testosterone supplementation, and I also take Arginine, as you suggest. For general health I train with weights, and I’m in quite good shape. It’s just that I’m stuck on that plateau….

Sounds good, but maybe change it up...

Your routine sounds good to me!

Since you’re at a plateau you may just want to change it up. Try switching times of day, exchange exercises, that sort of thing.

You can do it! Make sure you have a positive outlook and visualize your penis being longer when your doing the exercise.

What size tube you using? Maybe you should go smaller width, but longer tube. That way it will help to facilitate length.


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."

Hi Redlight, looking at your routine it seems that you want length rather than girth. I am now starting to break my length plateau. If you take a look at the “Pumping Question” thread you will find my most recent length routine there using a combination of blasters, basic stretching and pumping. This is an intense routine and it has been working for me. Have you been doing the blasters with the “A” stretch. I have found that using this or at least a dual fulcrum stretch to your MAXIMUM ability is crucial for breaking through that length plateau. If it is length that you want then it is highly adviseable that you drop all girth exercises from your program for now, this means jelqing, squeezes,and bends, and concentrate on a strict length routine only. By doing this you will remove the “confusion” from your penis by training it to grow only one way for now. If you decide to try this routine (I recomend that you give it at least 2-3 weeks to start seeing gains) and you have any questions PM me and I will help you out.

Thanks, QuestorSilvanthus and b1nzen48. You both point me in the same direction, which is helpful and reassuring.

Yes, just now I am mainly interested in length, and I am using a 1.75in tube. The routine on the “Pumping Question” thread looks great, and I’ll think about how best to revise my schedule to incorporate those ideas.

I have been working with blasters for only a couple of weeks, and I find that the “fake arm” technique is best for me. I use a piece of bamboo, about as thick as my index finger and 18ins long. I find that it enables a lot of torque, and by shifting the position of the “fake arm”, I can work effectively at different angles.

Thanks again for the input (and for the invitation to pm). When I have collected as much advice as I can, I hope to develop the Mother of Routines and get over this deadlock.

You might want to read peforeal thread about his shock routine pumping. I tried it once and its very INTENSE.

Thanks, monsta:

I have read the peforeal thread with interest, and it might be just the thing to kick-start some growth. I can see that extra intensity should be my main concern, and quite soon I’ll be working on a routine to add stress — while being vigilant of course to avoid injury. I hope to post the routine and the results by and by.

Please keep us posted! Sounds like your off to a good start to getting around your plateau!


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."

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