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Short term vs. long term pumping, Brava theory

Short term vs. long term pumping, Brava theory

I’ve recently become aware of a new (1999) vacuum pumping program for female breast enhancement. It’s called The Brava System (, and appears to be founded in solid physiology and testing. I cite this system because the basic theoretical assumption is that for tissue growth, at a cellular level, a long, sustained pull/tension must be applied to the tissue. They advocate TEN hours of sustained vacuum pumping at a low (3,4 psi?) pressure on a daily basis for ten weeks. They cite results that show an interruption of this procedure results in cell loss—especially in the early weeks of pumping. The participating women typically wear the breast pumps to bed at night in order to get the necessary sustained time. Tested gains for the women in this program average 1 cup size greater in the ten weeks, for those that follow the program.

Now, questions. Are there major physiological differences between breast cellular structure and the penis that would negate the application of this kind of procedure for the penis?

Has this issue already surfaced in previous pumping threads? Is there a history of having tested this theory out for possible dick growth?

I welcome answers to these questions.

I just started pumping so in no way am I pretending to know all the physics or medical aspects of this realm, however after reading your post I think it is very interesting, I dont think a man cuold wear a pump for 10 hours straight ever, maybe broken up, if he had time? Also I believe the penis to be a bit more complex than breast tissue? There are many different types of tissue as well. But look at hangers who spend several hours a day and report huge gains…. Who knows, by the time we do, we will be able to oder stem cells to grow a bigger dick anyway. On msn today they said scientists cloned a human embryo and harvested stem cells successfully, however it would be more years down the road before they could use them intelligently….


Breast tissue has so little in common with penile tissue. The only areas with erecile function are within the nipples themselves whereas with a penis, the entire organ is designed with three purposes: evacuation of urine, erection of the (entire) organ, and delivery of seminal fluid.

Many pump sites include galleries of photos showing the results that “extreme” pumpers get from many hours of extended pumping. Yes, their penises are often very large but it is clear that many of these penises 1) are no longer the basic shape and configuration they used to be and 2) that a lot of these men have lost the ability to have firm and useful erections because of continued stresses on cavernosal tissue/vascular systems and the bloat they prefer from the encouragement of the accumulation of large amounts of lymphatic fluids.



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