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Sharing with you my first two months pumping experience

Sharing with you my first two months pumping experience

Dear all,

Yes, it is almost two months I am pumping, and….It is nice because something is changing…my penis is growing, I see some results in girth, it is very nice to handle your penis and feel something bigger in your hands.

I have started slowly 2x 10min 3hg…..then as a newbie, I have done some mistakes…”over pumping”…”not enough lube” and as results, bruising, red spots.

To be patient is a virtue and with PE is very important. But we want alway to grow quickly, even if in all the PE forum we have read ” take your time and follow your routine without being zealous”. I read a lot article on vitamins or other substance to help PE. But it seems very complicate to understand the tissue mechanisms.

When I go to 4hg (3x 10min) or a bit over I have some red spots. My question is if all newbie have this problem and if after some months of pumping we can go over 4hg without red spot ? I have read that vitamin C strengths the capillaries….do you know a good supplements to avoid red spots. ?


Vitamin K has been clinically proven to heal bruising, clot blood, improve spider veins and repair broken capillaries. As well, it is effective for dark circles under eye areas.

Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol or mixed tocopherols) has been shown to have a wide variety of skin benefits. Many studies have shown that vitamin E can help decrease the effects of psoriasis, erythema, and may help in reducing the risk of skin cancer. Vitamin E has also been shown to significantly help in the reduction of scaring from wounds and has been shown to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the skin.

vitamin A cream or ointment can accelerate the healing of minor cuts, burns, and scrapes.

Vitamin B5 -Pantothenic acid- also help to heal bruise.


Another question, is anybody here that pumps before intercourse.? How much time….for a temporary gain ?


The only question I can answer is about the red spotting. I’ve been into manual exercises for several years, and I always seem to get them past a certain point. I don’t think it’s entirely avoidable, although you shouldn’t keep on pushing once they begin to appear - taper off a bit and take it easy for the rest of the session.

Congratulations on the progress. What kind of changes are you seeing?

Thanks for your answer seejay.
“Congratulations on the progress. What kind of changes are you seeing?”
My penis is heavier and girth has increased.

I would like just to describe what is happend when I pump. First I try to be completely erect when I put my penis on the tube, then I pump quikly until 4hg, at this point I reach the maximum lenth, then I pusch the tube against the pubis and the vacum go down to 3hg I repump to 4hg…I restart this procedure until the vacum is stabilized to 4hg, slowy my length decrease 1/5 to 1/4 inch. Sometimes I loose a bit of vacum and I repump to four. The best stretch is done at the beginig, and I think that it is also at the begining that red spots are foring. Is this strech good ? Now I would like to try to go slowly to 4 gh making some stage to 2gh (1 min) to 3 hg (1min)……What is about you guys…..?

Try to pump slowly,it is not a race.

If you force the blood in too fast,you will definitely cause red spots.

Do not be in a rush to pump to your maximum stretch,two months is not a long time in pumping.

It is possible to cause damage if you have been pumping for years.

If the red spots keep appearing,then stop pumping for a weak,stop everything until you are healed.Then restart gradually.

Today I have done a session at low vacum (3-4)hg 3x 8min after 2 days break, but still red spots.

I am a smoker, maybe I miss some vitamin C.

dansan, you have a very sensitive cock! Could you perhaps be getting the red spots from some manual exercise you also use in conjunction with pumping?



Take 5phil5’s advice and pump up very slowly. Pumping up slowly allows the chambers in your cock to fill naturally and it allows the tiny capillaries enough time to fill without bursting which causes the red spots. Do your best to make pressure changes slowly throughout your routine.

Vitamin E is a blood thinner, so if you are taking that maybe you should stop for awhile. Do you take any other blood thinners, such as aspirin or some other pain relievers often?

With my experience, if I get some minor red spotting, I can continue to pump at low pressure for a week or so, and then they start to fade and go away.


Make sure you WARM your member before and during any pumping. This increases circulation. Most guys here use a small heating pad from Target. Also, to promote healing of bruises, burst capillaries, etc. I suggest using BAGBALM with your lube. This stuff is great and also prolongs the enlargement. Steve

Many thanks to all of you, It is nice to have the opportunity to share our experinece.

5phil5: Yes you are right maybe I am a bit in hurry and don’t let may penis the time to adapt pumping.

avocet8: I do minor jelking between set, I add some lube also(like you advice), this sundy I had more lube and It has been better, It seem that for now I have to pump not over 3hg for a while, 3 x 10 min for days.

gprent101: Yes, I am taking one capsule of borage oil and they are some vitamin E ( but not excessive), than some time also I lube with some cream with vitamin E + vaseline. It seem that emu oil is good. do some of you try it ? What is for you low pressure ?

Tennsteven: I warm up under the shower while 3 to 5 min. make my PE and take a second shower, the morning.


Dansan, be very careful when pumping, it can produce great feelings and have some other benefits. But pumping can also be very destructive to your member, If you pump to hard above 4 gh for an hour or more, you will gain a great sloppy dick, and also loose the ability to get an erection. By the way use Emu oil to get rid of those red spots. Also Emu oil will give you a bigger stiffer hard on. I use Emu oil before I jelq, and in doing so I have made some small gains.

Thank you, Peter, for a more clear read on the mistakes you made yourself than you have expressed before.

Do us a favor and quit slamming pumping as a practice and concentrate more on how to avoid the pitfalls.

If you feel that pumping is, by itself, a bad thing, say so in a new thead here in the Pumpers Forum and I will be glad to debate you on that subject.



Finally the truth, Peter was pumping for longer than an hour at a time! Most guys on this board pump/advocate pumping for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. I personally think 10 minutes is pleanty of time before it’s time to take it out of the tube and give it some R&R for a good 5 minutes or more, adding hot water etc.. to the routine.

I’m still not quite clear on recommended pumping session lengths, maybe I should start a new thread for this question but, here goes.

For those who’ve been at pumping for 2 or more months and feel quite comfortable with their devices, how long, (adding sets together) is pushing the limit for one session?

For example, I’m pretty new but have been doing PE quite a while and I’m at 4 ten minute sessions (40 minutes total) but I feel like going beyond that, maybe 5 ten minute sessions, am I pushing it??

OK results of the previous days, I am pumping 3 x 10 min at 3hg, 3-4 min of massage and light jelk. I have less but still some tiny red spots. You are right avocet maybe my dick is more sensitive. I will try to keep this toutine for a while.

Originally Posted by Jimmy_rm
For example, I’m pretty new but have been doing PE quite a while and I’m at 4 ten minute sessions (40 minutes total) but I feel like going beyond that, maybe 5 ten minute sessions, am I pushing it??

That is a good question. I have been pumping for more than 8 months now. Man, I can’t believe I have been doing it that long already. I have stuck pretty much to the 101 routine. I am sure it depends on each circumstance or person but I would also like to know how long the total pumping sessions were lasting for the vets on here during their growth stages.

I have went more than an hour before. If I do this only say once or twice a week, I seem to be ok. More than that and I have a state of diminishing returns.

I also have discoloration on the underside which is pretty noticeable. I believe a few over zealous pumping sessions during my newbie phase caused this. As I go along I am noticing that the discoloration is fading; slowly but still fading.

Ok, pressure. I still seem to respond really well to 5Hg but I really don’t get a good stretch until 7 -10 Hg. I stay away from the high pressures all but for only a moment during a session if I feel I can get away with it and have no red spots, etc. I am relegated to the fact that I will probably not gain any length ( maybe a 1/4” ) from pumping but the girth increase is coming and noticeable at times now and my flaccid hang is much better.

I have been incorporating more jelqing into my routine and I have pumped all week before with out a break to change up slightly to see if I can get things to work better.

Of course I am wearing the Thera-P wrap and have during the day for about 7 months or so. I believe this helps but takes a while. The Ace elbow deal feels way to rigid. I am not sure if I could wear that in public now, especially since the Thera-P wrap gets me more than noticed now. :)


Your present routine sounds good and on track. The jelqing seems to really do away with any fluid build up during the session.

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Pumper for a while got to the square dick 7X7 , hanging now 7-2010

I am really affraid about discoloration and red spots, I hope my dick will adapt slowly….Thanks Growing pain for your income. This morning still some red spots, on the top there are only one or two, more on the sides, next to the gland. The fear is to damage my dick….


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