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Shaft expansion - not at the base

Shaft expansion - not at the base

Hi guys I just got my LA cylinder & used it for 1 * 10 minute session.

I noticed that I got expansion on the top part of the shaft & the head but the base didn’t expand.

It made me very excited that I got some expansion after 1 set, however, I’m just worried that its going to look like a baseball bat.

Is it because I don’t have a good seal as I constantly have to keep pumping it back up to 5Inhg every 10 seconds or so?

First off, make sure the female connector in the top of the cylinder is screwed in snugly. That might be where your pressure leak is.

Second, you can’t tell anything from your first 10 minute session. Wait for at least a month before you start worrying about what your long term results are going to look like.

I will check the female connector when I get home. I know that when I push the male connector in, I can hear it click so that should be fine.

Secondly thanks for the advice about waiting a month before starting to worry about long term results.

I have been doing PE for several months now so would I be able to incoporate a 2nd set of 10 minute pumping or is it better to give it another month or so?

By the way thanks for your quick response.

Just give it a week or so before you try a second set. If it turns out to be too much, go back to one. You can also try your first set going for 12 minutes or 15 minutes to see how you react to that. Keep your set time to 15 minutes max though and your pressure to 5 max. Remember also to always pump up slow. I always pause at 2, then 3, and 4 and not just on the first set. I do that on every set. It only takes 1 second to break a blood vessel, but 1 week to heal it.

I’ll give it a go by pushing it to a 12 minute set for another week and see how that goes before moving on to another set.

As you’ve always said, go slow & stay low is the only way to pump.


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