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Does stretching occur along the shaft or at base?

Does stretching occur along the shaft or at base?

I’ve been stretching now for 3 months and I’ve gained nothing. I’m getting extremely frustrated and doubtful. I started out doing manual stretches in all directions for 30 seconds. Then I went to 60 seconds. I’ve tried JAI, BTC, and now I’m trying V stretches.

Here’s how I came to my question. When I do V stretches, I feel an intense stretch at the base of my dick. In fact, I’m getting little stretch marks on the skin from them but the burning sensation you feel from a stretch is just at the base or near it. When I do standard manual stretches, I feel it along the shaft. Which stretch is more effective? A shaft stretch or base stretch? This is pretty much the last stretch I can think of to try before I move on to hanging and I don’t have the privacy for hanging. My wife is fine with me doing PE and she’d be even better if I could freakin’ gain enough for her to really notice. After 3 kids, she’s pretty loose so I have a lot of work ahead of me but I expected at least something from all of this pulling and stretching.

I’ve gained a little on the girth side and my flaccid is MUCH better but I want gains where it counts. Any ideas or feedback are welcome.


Which stretch is more effective? A shaft stretch or base stretch?

They are both effective, just in different ways. A base stretch will get at your ligs more, and a shaft stretch will focus on the tunica. You can gain both ways, but according to some you should base it on your LOT. The theory says a low LOT means your ligs don’t have much stretch in them and that you should focus on the tunica (shaft stretching). That could really be the only reason you aren’t seeing gains by stretching the base, because if you have a high LOT then both methods should be effective (lig and tunica stretching).

I still haven’t decided if I believe in the LOT theory or not. Reason is, I have gained over 2”, my LOT has barely changed, but my length gains via lig stretch have all but stopped. So now I’m forced with deciding to increase the intensity of my lig stretching, or focusing on tunica stretching. I’m already hanging moderately high weight and I don’t want to do much more. In the meantime while I decide if I want to hang more weight, I’ve been doing a series of stretches that hit the tunica very hard. I perform these stretches by gripping the base of my dick with an overhand OK grip, like you would if you were about to do a jelq stroke with the other hand, but instead of doing the jelq stroke, I use my other hand to grip just behind my glans with a reverse OK grip and stretch, focusing the stretch on the shaft by squeezing the base grip to make remove any stretch pressure from the ligs. I stretch left, right, and down with this method. It’s a very intense stretch that I feel in the shaft.

Check you LOT first to see where you’re at. If you have a low LOT, you might want to consider more tunica work. If you have a high LOT, and stretching hasn’t gotten you much in way of gains, you might want to think about hanging like you alluded to already.

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