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Serious wood!!!

Serious wood!!!

I’ve been pumping for a month and I’m trying to experiment to find myself a good routine.

Tried one yesterday:

-Enter the tube erect(little bit of dry jelqing while working to get the boner)
-10 min low pressure 6hg and less
-10 min dry jelq and edging (can’t just dry jelq because I lose my erection)
-5 min high pressure pumping (start at 8hg, quickly I go up to 10 hg, then I go to 12.5hg)
-5 min dry jelq/edging
-5 min high pressure pumping

What I do during the high pressure pumping is I focus on not getting my erection sucked away. By this I mean that I have noticed that when I pump at 10 hg and +, after a while I lose my erection. My dick stays about the same size but it tends to pack the tube more and when it comes out it’s spongy and I have trouble getting a good erection for 1-2 hours. So what I do now is that I progressively increase the pressure (8 hg and up) go up and down 2hg plateaus depending on how I feel. So if I feel good at 8hg and that I feel a good erection when I kegel, I go up to 10hg. Once again, when I feel good at 10, I go up to 12 hg. I never stay long at 12 hg. Usually, I do 1 min at 12, then go back to 10, and then finish the set by another min at 12 hg.

This routine seams to work good because my morning wood lasted for about 1 hour (I did not put any pants on and kegeled a lot). I never get that kind of morning erection. All day, my dick felt just like when I was 15: ready to jump up at any time. Also, I did not wrap my penis and I did not get any donut effect.

Going to try the same thing tonight. Maybe I’ll try to add on more 5 min dry jelq/edging and 5 min high pressure pumping.

Same thing again this morning, even though yesterday’s session was as good as the previous one due to having a very hard time not ejaculating while edging. This kept me from adding the additional 5 min of jelqing and 5 min of pumping.

I’m gonna have to take a day off today because dick’s skin is too sore due to dry jelqing…that sucks but I’ll be back Friday morning.

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