WOW! More and better Wood!

I am in my mid to late 50’s so the quality of wood has begun to suffer with agg. BUT I discovered something that gives me more frequent and much firmer wood. I began taking a bodybuilding supplement called Pinnacle Vo2 and within a couple of days noticed a drastic difference. Better morning wood. More frequent wood. Longer lasting wood…even a while after orgasm. It is a real treat to be back to where I was in my 20’s. I can work up another good erection just minutes after an orgasm. That is common for young mrn but not for grandpaws. I am not pushing Pinnacle brand. Any brand of Vasodilators or hemodilators containing Arginine alpha keto glutartate will work. Regular large doses of Arginine didn’t help me. But this stuff does. It is a much more bioactive form of Arginine and dilates blood vessels better than the plain amino acid. I have read several times in a bodybuilding forum where guys are experiencing the same thing. Hope this helps some of you guys with declining wood. MXL