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Recommend Hand Pump Please

Recommend Hand Pump Please

I was just reading wanna7.5’s post and I am not sure about a motorized one. I think since tissues (muscle/connective tissue)generally stretch further when warm that I would like to try a hand pump you can use in water to keep him as warm as possible. Any recommendations on one that is good, reasonably priced, and will work in water? Thanks- and these forums are great. Wish I would have found them before I paid on…. Thanks again guys.


Hey 2in2002, If you want to pump in water you’ll have to get a brass hand pump but the problem with this is that it has no gauge on it and it’s very easy to hurt yourself since you can’t determine the pressure your at. On the other hand if you get a pump with a gauge you can’t pump in water with out having a thing called a reservoir on the front of it. Here’s a link to some site’s that have brass hand pumps that can be used in water, Hope this help’s :) .


NWPumpworks will put a gauge on a wet pump for you if you request it. The gauge is not waterproof and will not stay dependable very long. Don’t know anything about these reservoirs, but they may be the way to go.

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Hey ThunderSS, All I know about the reservoirs is that they go on the front of the hand pump to stop the water before it gets sucked into the pump and ruin it other than that thats all I know. Hope this helps :) .


Thanks guys. Now I hope one of our members will know about the reservior and I will be set.

Thanks n2h- emailed the guy and he got right back to me. Says it is OK to use in the tub and the gauge will hold up too. Guess I will go with it- thanks for the info.

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