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What book do you recommend

What book do you recommend


I am currently looking to buy a book that teaches about achieving multiple orgasms w/o ejaculating and also maybe a bit about tantric sex. I was wondering if you can recommend a book for me.

Whoa, hangon.before the vets in here hit me with the “do a search” stick ;) .I have done a bit of research and these are some of the things I have found:

* The book by mantak chia is good but delves too much into eastern mysticism and philisophies
* The book by Alan Ritz is inaccurate and not well written
* Dr Lim(?) is a few beers short of a six pack (bit crazy)

I’m looking for a book that will teach me about multiples and/or tantra in easy steps without the need for all the eastern mystic philosophy mumbo jumbo. I would love to hear some recommendations and also if anyone has all the books which one is best.


You pretty much started a thread I would have liked to start myself, thanks dude.
I have been looking into getting a few books as well.
I was looking into Mantak chia’s stuff Initially on Amazon and then found some reviews that said the book by Alan Ritz was far better.
I have not heard of this Dr.lim.
Have you actually read any of the books from the above mentioned people?
Or did you come to these conclusions with just research on the books , and not actually reading them?

Let me know your story here, I would love to find a book or two that teaches real useful stuff.


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It’s Dr Lin, not Lim, and I would say he is a quack most interested in taking your money.

Sorry, can’t help with your book search.

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Hi BW,

I haven’t read any of those books. My observations come from reading reviews on amazon and comments on thunders. Dr Lim is some guy who teaches something called “anal breathing” *snigger* , if you do a search for that word in these you’ll find some stuff. He’s got a website but it not very useful. I’m hoping to hear from people who have read this books and what their advice is. Also I found a few good tantric books on torrent which I’m downloading and ill let you know what they’re like after I finish reading them.

I can sort of have multiple orgasms w/out ejaculation by kegelling just as I’m about to blow, but the problem is this is self taught and after doing this I go flaccid for a while and it’s not that great. So like you, I want to find a good resource that will teach me to achieve great multiple orgasms/tantric sex.

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