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Question For Avocet

Question For Avocet

Ok I know you have made significant pumping gains which is why I’m directing this question to you. But anyone else feel free to answer.

I know you said you gained quite a bit of length from pumping. Were you pumping in just a penis cylinder or a cock and ball cylinder. The reason I was asking is because I read that you won’t gain much length with the penis only cylinder and that it is mainly for erection strength and girth.

Since I have been pumping I have mainly been using the penis cylinder and not the ball and penis cylinder and I have gained quite a bit of girth about 1.5” in about 6 months but almost no length gains, only about 1cm. Now girth was where I was lacking but still I would like to get more length and would like to hear your experience with length and pumping. I just got a hanger to try and add to my length, but I will also continue pumping.

Sorry for the rambling. Also anyone else who has had good length gains from pumping please respond.

I started with an LA Pump and a 2” x 10” cylinder not designed for both cock and balls. I’ve done almost no ball pumping, just a couple of experimental times. I did the pumping for 4 - 5 mos. as described in Pumping 101 (just leave out any reference to manual exercises). I did 5 On/ 2 Off. After that time, I had gained an inch in length. There was nothing beyond that routine, no new-fangled technique. I added no real significant girth until I learned about jelking and combined that and a couple other exercises with the pumping.

I think it’s very significant that after adding the exercises I gained another inch and a half in length and 3/4ths” in girth.

Lots of guys do very well with hanging for length and you may well be one of them.



Thanks for the reply. I think the jelking maybe the key as to why I wasn’t gaining any length while pumping because when I first started I remember I was jelking with every pump workout and then I stopped because I got lazy and didn’t think the exercises were helping. I had gained 1cm in length at that point and didn’t gain any more length from then on. I will add it back into my routine and see what happens. Of course now that I’m hanging too it might be kind of hard to tell which will be responsible for any future length gains. The good news is I’m still adding girth fairly easily it seems.

“The good news is I’m still adding girth fairly easily it seems.”

Lucky, you, ttiger. Most guys complain that girth is so difficult to pile on.

Others here, esp. peforeal (whose gains are greater than mine from where we started out at PE), have found that a good jelking program combined with pump sets gets length going.

Don’t get lazy. :-)



Yep no more laziness. I added jelking back to the routine on 5-2-2003 and I’m hoping that along with some hanging will really get my length going.

Yeah I guess I can’t complain to much as long as I’m seeing gains of some kind. Hopefully I can continue to pile on the girth and add some legth too. I will let you know if jelking does the trick.



what is your routine?

Right now I’m going pretty much off the pumping 101 routine posted by avocet. I just recently added the jelking in between sets. The only difference between my routine and avocets 101 is that I tend to do about 2 or 3 sets twice daily for longer periods of time but at lower preasure. I’m also adding hanging to my routine because I have a very high lot (almost straight up) and the homedic wrap. So far I have to say the homemedic wrap seems to be much better then the leather strap. Its more comfortable you can wear it longer without cutting off circulation and it does a better job of keeping the penis in a larger flaccid state.

Oh one other thing I have been trying to just make a habit out of pulling and stretching all day long. Anything for some length.

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