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Question about MityVac II...

Question about MityVac II...

Is Autozone where you guys get the product? I just did a search for it on their site and it came up with nothing. Do I just need to go in and ask somebody for it? Is it pretty much a stock item? Thanks.

I got mine at AutoZone. They didn’t even know what it WAS when I went in there, so I just went down each asle till I found it.

Caution: It didn’t say MityVac on the package…. just “vacuum pump.” The item itself says MityVac on the handle.

Make sure you go to and check out the pictures so that you know what it looks like before you go to AutoZone.

Ed, is there a pressure gauge on the MityVac? Also, if there is, are you able to set an exact amount of vacuum & not worry about exceeding that while pumping?


Yes, it has a gauge, and yes you can set an exact amount of pressure and not worry about exceeding it.

You just squeeze the handle until you’re at the pressure you want it, and it stays there without going up. Actually, you have to check the gauge periodically, because it will slowly go *down* rather than up.

Say I start at 4 in Hg. After a few minutes it’ll have dropped to about 3.5 in Hg. This is because as you expand, space that was taken up by the vacuum is now taken up by the penis, and the vacuum pressure drops. So I just give the handle another squeeze or two to bring it back up to 4.

Does it only come in one size?

The MityVac hand pump comes in two models, I believe. A plastic one, which is relatively inexpensive and good enough for penis pumping, and a metal one. Both have a gauge. The penis pumping acrylic or Lucite cylinders, which are not sold in auto parts stores :leftie: , come in a wide variety of sizes and by many different manufacturers. Do an Internet search for “penis pumping” and you’ll find a lot of information.

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