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Question about Bathmate


Originally Posted by Dungeonis
The website I got it from is: I should have bought it from a more known webstore, but I found out after I already received this Bathmate.

Like the bolt said to the nut, “You got screwed”.

You could try using a bit of lube where the seal contacts your body. I use hair conditioner, but KY would work also. This will give you a better seal and let you know for sure if the valve is leaking or not.

I have sexdaily! I mean dyslexia! Fcuk!

Defintley lube up the flange and your junk and a little bit up the sides. Always works for me. If you change your mind about it, grab a Leluv cylinder, the lock piece and a MityVac from advanced auto with the overflow cup and go to town.

Ok guys, 2 days ago I e-mailed the company I bought the Bathmate from (the link I mentioned earlier). They haven’t replied yet (didn’t really expect that though). Maybe I should give a phone call, but I don’t feel good in talking to a real life person about a item I bought for my penis. I’m far from shy but there is still a little bit of embarrassment inside me because I need an item for my penis. On the other hand if I don’t contact, I’ve just wasted €90,-..

Anyone with tips or advice?

Ok, they didn’t reply on my email. Because I didn’t want to blame myself for not contacting the company, I convinced myself I should just give the company a call and try to replace my Bathmate. It’s better then just throwing away €90,- in my opinion

So I just gave it a shot and against all my thoughts, they were pretty helpfull. He is going to look for a solution and he will contact me by email. I’m glad I saved the box and instructions manual because they need the whole package back.

I hope I’ll get a new Bathmate. More important is that I get a Bathmate which vacuums better. Otherwise I just bought a bad Bathmate I’m afraid..

I’ll keep you guys in touch and I hope I’ve better news about the new Bathmate

Good luck with this Dungeonis.

I have a bathmate, never had a problem. I think that may be the case with the majority of the people that purchase them. I am pretty sure they will stand behind their product, but how soon, and in what form, I would have no idea.

Please keep us posted, there may be others that may/have had the same issue. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I sometimes have problems with the seal. When my pipes are to long it’s difficult for me to keep a seal but sometimes it leaks even when my pubes are shaved off. If I get a bad seal I pump out some water and keep pressing the bathmate against my pelvic and I twist it and turn it to be sure there is a good suction all around the rim. Twisting and turning it while you press it against your body creates a good seal all around the BM ring against your skin, maybe you have tried this already.

Seems like you have had allot of problems with this so maybe your BM are broken.

Thanks Keybord! I never tried twisting though, because the tub says that a certain part should be pointing upwards. Worth a try though.

I contacted the company again today. I said I didn’t receive any email. He said he really sent it to my email (Which was correct). He said he was gonna send it again. I even checked my spamfilter, but no mails inside?

I wonder if he is a liar or maybe my hotmail just doesn’t receive this email? Strange situation though.. Since I received the bill of the company perfectly.

Well the email to me didn’t work, so he gave me the address by phone. I have send the Bathmate today, I wonder how long it takes before I get a replacement. He told me, they would send me a new one. I’ll keep you guys updated.

I’m a bit dissapointed that I can’t keep pumping at this moment, but ill try to focus even more on stretching and jelqing I guess.

I find best results are when in a bath, but often I just fill it up from the tap, doesnt even have to be warm water. Id say you don’t want to be hard but have a semi. If you are struggling to keep it on then id pump it hard for a couple of mins, take it off, refill it pump it hard on your semi again for a few mins ( cock should be getting bigger) take it off, re-fill and start again. Your dick should at least be a lot thicker now for you to start your session. Id say 5min is def not enough. I aim for 30-40min sessions to get really big. Maybe tho that is too much. Id aim for 15min, only go longer if you have been pumping for a few months. Good luck

The instructions that came with mine say no more than 20 minutes but I go 30 because it takes a good 5 to 10 minutes to get pumped up and get a good seal.

Guys, I have good news. I received a new bathmate two days ago (really quick) and tried it yesterday. The seal is way better now and no bubbles are coming from the top. So the bathmate works really good now. Only complaint I can have is that my base really hurts when I pump and get a good vacuum. I guess that was me just beeing too fanatic..

Thumbs up for this company!

Nice that your new unit works better. Don’t worry to much about the pain at the base, unless it’s very painful. I never found it comfortable using the bathmate. A little bit of pain in almost every session, sometimes it’s a bit to painful and I release some pressure. The base and the head is where I get the pain.

Did you guys gain length with just the Bathmate? Solid or temporary?

I don’t use it in shower anymore but on chair like you said. Is it necessary to refill with warm water?

I’ve heard that penis extenders/stretchers are better for length is that true? Should I combine with stretch exercises only?

Stretches do focus more on length. You will likely gain some length from pumping, but I consider it more of a girth focused form of PE. I always warm up and do stretches and jelqs before pumping. And I currently refill my bathmate with warm water after ten minutes, and during this break in pumping I do 100 jelqs. Seems to be working pretty well.

I would say stretches and extenders, and after you’ve gotten some conditioning under your belt hanging for length, and pumping for girth. Even with a workout/routine that is focused on one of these goals more than the other, you may get some slight gain in the other, secondary measurement. It always struck me as weird to think cell division can be directed in only one direction. Anyways, good luck.


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