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Question about Bathmate


Question about Bathmate

Hey Guys,

I’ started with PE exercises a few weeks ago and I try to do this 2 straight days and 1 dag rest. But I also bought a Bathmate to get results quicker (I combine it with PE newbee routine). But I got some questions.

1) I shower with the Bathmate and I wonder if the penis needs to be in an erection or loose? My penis is pretty small 4.7 inches.. So it’s hard to keep the vacuum going

2) The vacuum doesn’t hold for a few minutes.. I have to pump after like 10 seconds. Anyone has a solution for this?

3) I still live at home and my parents don’t like me waste so much time on water.. So does it really matter that I stick tot 5-10 minutes in Bathmate?

4) Is it possible to use it in any other way, then showering (I don’t have a bath)

I hope you guys can give me the answers.



I like to start with an erection, but I don’t think it’s necessary. After a few minutes in the pump, you will reach your maximum size. You can use the bathmate anywhere. But first you have to learn to get a good, airtight seal. My guess is you need to shave all hair from the area the Bathmate rests against on your body. Once you have learned to get and keep an airtight seal, you can fill the Bathmate with warm water and use it anywhere. I will put down a towel on the chair and work at the computer. After about ten minutes you may need to refill the Bathmate with warm water, as it will lose heat. You can lengthen your sessions that way, but you may still have to find time to do it when your parents are out of the house. Good luck.

Well it is all shaved down there and I have the feeling that everything is sealed. I can feel the vacuum and see it enlarge but after 10seconds, the vacuum just reduces. After 2-5 minutes I have to refill the bathmate because it is getting empty caused by pumping the bathmate to get the vacuum going.

If you’re losing vacuum, you don’t have a good seal. Are there air bubbles in the cylinder? It’s hard to tell how you’re doing it over the internet. My guess is you are either not getting a good seal, or you’re starting out with a lot of air in the bathmate. Anything more than a small bubble is no good. Are you trying to put the pump on standing upright, with the tube horizontal? That won’t work. You need to fill the tube with your finger holding the little grey nib at the very end of the tube in so no water escapes. Once tube is full, hold it upright, totally vertical over the shower basin. standing with your feet a bit wider than your shoulders, lean over at the waist, as far as you can. If you need to rest your head on the wall that’s ok. Then raise the bathmate straight up to your pelvis, inserting the penis. Once the foam O-ring is against your tummy and balls, remove your finger from the grey nib and pump up to the desired vacuum. You will have to repump every 2 to 5 minutes, as your penis expands, the level of vacuum will be reduced. Happy pumping.

I tried everything you said and I must admit the seal is a bit better. My penis does expand during the pumping (like an inche or so), but I still have the problem that the vacuum reduces very quick 10-20 seconds. The seal is good at the base of my penis, but it just won’t hold on the rest. I do see bubbles from the top of the pump going down to my penis (like bubbles when you drink a bottle of water). I did everything you told me, but it still seems to fail..

It feels like I am pumping for nothing atm.

Sounds like your valve at the top of the Bathmate may be bad if it’s sucking in air bubbles at the top.

And what can I do, to solve it? I read something about that you need to put the bathmate straight up on table and then pump hard so it sticks to the table and this will solve the salve. I tried but it doesn’t really work. I bought it like a week ago, so in my opinion it’s almost impossible that it is broken?

What happens when you put it on the table and press down? Does it form a seal and stick?

If it doesn’t form and seal and stick, the valve may have been bad from the manufacturer.

Are you positive that the valve is turned all the way closed?

There is a way to open that release valve, like really pop the top off and make sure there is no debris in there preventing a good seal from forming.

Here, this vid may help. It is kind of old so don’t worry that the rubber part inside your valve doesn’t look like this, mine doesn’t either.

Privacy info: Clicking on this image will enable content from

I removed the valve from the top and no debris was inside. I also noticed that there is no water leaking when I’m not pumping. The bubbles keep going from top to the base (I guess due pressure). I got a bench in my shower so I tried to sit and see whats happened. The bubbles disappeared, but the good vacuum feeling as well. It didn’t feel as when I’m standing.

I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe it is meant to work this way? The vacuum does make my penis expand, but only for 10-20 sec and then I need to pump again.

It definitely sounds like you have a small leak in the valve. You won’t see any water leaking when you’re pumping because the pressure outside the tube is higher than inside the tube so the water is going to stay in and try to suck in air (which it’s doing) at the same time.

If you’re positive that you’ve got the valve all the way closed and it’s still not creating a good seal, I’d call Bathmate and get a replacement.

In my opinion I do everything you guys say. I do get a good vacuum when I pump a few times. But then after 10-20 seconds the vacuum reduces and then I have to pump again. It’s a pity when I have to contact the company, because it wasn’t really from Bathmate itself. It shows no contact info or anything. There is an address though, I could give it a shot and explain, but I doubt they will understand what the problem is.


Um Products Ltd

Unit9a Shaw Cross Court

Dewsbury,WF12 7RF


Blue eye, blonde latino

Yes but didn’t order it from there. Is it allowed to mention the website I got it from? On the Bathmate I see the brand: Waterbuddy Vesco. I live in Holland and I ordered it from a dutch company as well.

The website I got it from is: I should have bought it from a more known webstore, but I found out after I already received this Bathmate.

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