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Pumping with Salt Water, Oil, or Additives

Pumping with Salt Water, Oil, or Additives

For water pumping, I have a hypothesis that some of the fluid buildup experienced (in addition to lymph) is simply water from the tube, drawn into the penis by osmosis because it’s saltier than tap water.

If so, by pumping in salt water (or other fluids more osmotic than your dick) you should be able to eliminate this source of buildup, and perhaps even compensate somewhat for fluid buildup from other sources (those from inside your dick, like lymph.)

I’ve been adding table salt to the pump water for some time and it seems to me to help. I don’t measure the salt but if you add too much, not all of it will dissolve and you’ll know you can add less next time.

A few other possibilities:
— I tried oil a few times and it felt good and seemed like it would hold the heat better (not sure about that) but didn’t seem worth the hassle. (Other potential added benefits of oil - some folks have attributed some of the healing benefits of EVO to the olive oil itself or to other carrier oils used, and there’s no reason essential oils couldn’t be added as well.) I imagined oil would be osmotically neutral compared to dick insides, but I don’t know.
— Epsom salt is another possibility that I imagine would work similarly to table salt., but I haven’t tried it.

I’m interested to hear:
— Other pumpers’ experiences who try this or have tried this or something similar.
— Solid arguments or evidence that water does or does not flow across penis skin in response to osmotic pressure
— Other beneficial things pumpers have added to pump water.

How about ‘water’ pumping with DMSO?

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Originally Posted by mitchto
— Solid arguments or evidence that water does or does not flow across penis skin in response to osmotic pressure

We’re not exactly frogs so we don’t absorb everything through our skin but there are things that do and don’t get absorbed. The following links are mainly about essential oils but they also go into detail about the skin’s protective role for the body and ways to increase layer permeability.

Essential Oils and Their Lack of Skin Absorption
Essential Oils and Their Lack of Skin Absorption

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Don’t even use straight water for wet pumping. Use half/half water and white vinegar with a tsp of crushed dill. Hope your girl likes pickles ;)

Sounds like what your talking about is the pruning effect from oils leaving the skin. Just like wrinkled hands and feet from swimming. In theory you could just wet pump with a cheap oil, but to save a lot of hassle with cleaning up just cut back on time pumping. I personally never go longer than ten minutes to keep lymph fluid down.

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