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pumping while clamped

pumping while clamped

I don’t know if this has been brought up before but has anybody tried pumping while clamped and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

I’ve tried pumping with a cocking and I got wicked red spots. It’s not a smart move.

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Just wondering, thanks.

If you are clamped, how the blood can inflate your penis?

Because i have suffered from ED, I have been using cock rings for many years and have been pumping for more than two years. Accordingly, I have a well conditioned cock. I regularly pump with a tight cock ring on and enjoy the additional 3/4 inches of girth this technique generates. However, I need to remove the constriction after twenty minutes to avoid problems and also because my cock has lost a lot of sensitivity.

I air pump with a properly sized cylinder so there is no way I could fit the cylinder over a clamp.

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Originally Posted by marinera

If you are clamped, how the blood can inflate your penis?

The clamp restricts venous outflow but does not prevent additional blood from being forced in through the arteries.

But makes way harder to suck additional blood in. I guess the foremost effect wil be just skin stretching and crazy edema. Never tried though.

I have pumped with a cock ring, but is a completely different thing than a clamp.

If you use the right sized cylinder and pack the base somewhat that in itself helps to reduce outflow, much safer way of doing it.

I recently began pumping constrictive and it’s great. Not necessarily a cockring but I use a rubber band and it’s given me great results so far. I start my routine as normal with warmup, a little stretching, then a quick 5-10 minute pump. Then I’ll take a small break to do a quick massage and put on the rubber band as far down on the base as I can, then go back into the tube for another 15-20 min (sometime as much as 30 - if I do, I’ll take a break at mid point).

Results are great - no edema at all, I’m much, much thicker and my thick flaccid hang lasts much longer than when I don’t use the rubber band. I can also incerase the pressure with no ill-effects (I go up to a max of 10Hg but I don’t stay there long - primary range is between 5-7Hg) and erection quality hasn’t suffered at all.

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