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pumping vs. jelqing

pumping vs. jelqing

Can sombody explain if the pumping is better than jelqing, if you want to have more girth.



Well ideally you would do both.

From what I’ve read, you can (depending on your body) get good girth gains from jelqing. You can also get good girth gains from pumping.

However, pumping gains are only semi-permanent (apparently) but the permanency is increased by having jelqing and pumping in your routine.

Start with jelqing, because it is pretty much free, and then see how it goes. After a few months of slowly building up the intensity, if you feel you need a boost, you can think about buying a pump.

Make sure you buy a good quality pump with a guage from somewhere like LAPdist.

thanks for your help


Yes, I combine the two. My routine is jelq/pump/jelq/pump/jelq/pump/jelq. In this routine, my jelq times are 5 minutes and my pumping times are 15 minutes. Like ICM said, I am counting on the jelq to help cement the pump. The jelq works for girth just by itself, but the pump provides accelerated gains, although more temporary in nature. Combining the two hopefully gives you the power of the pump with the permanence of the jelq.

Thanks you all for your replys.

I started just hanging and I have try jelqing, but the jelq is a pain….My hands hurt me. I will make a home made jelqind device, hope will be ok.

But I think that the pumping I should incorporate in my routine.

First hanging ,Pumping an after jelqing. Hope will wark.

Thanks again,


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