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pumping question and routine advice

pumping question and routine advice

After pumping at 5 hg and under for 1 10 minute set. I am not much bigger than my original size when i come out the tube(about 2/10ths bigger length and 1 - 2/8ths bigger girth. No fluid build up). Is that the same for most of you?

When I first enter the tube I am rock hard but when coming out of the tube I am not so hard. I know it is important to be as hard as possible so do you have any tips on staying hard? I watch porn while pumping and take 10mg of cialis before I pump but still find it hard to keep hard. I also milk the tube.

After pumping and I am flaccid again I notice that it is fuller. Fatter than normal and a only a little longer. Is that a sign for gains to come?

For you who have gained through pumping, where did you gain first(flaccid length/girth, erect length/girth) and how long until you saw your first gains?

My main mission in PE is to get length gains so I have come up with this routine. Just want to know your opions on if it is too much or not because I have a tedency to over do things. Please feel free to alternate it to what you might think will work better.

2on 1off.

Monday: newbie routine but with extra stretches throughout the day(when go for a pee an before bed) and fowfer’s(intensity is going to be low/moderate) then 15 - 20 minutes pumping( using 10x1.75 inch tube) at 5hg and under for 3 - 4 5 minute sets. massaging and few jelqs in between sets.

Tuesday: newbie routine(same as above) and fowfer’s. Then hang 20 minutes 5lbs morning and night.

Wednesday: off

Then repeat.


Evening wann8 how long have you been involved with PE for? I still stick to the belief that we should ride out the newbie routine for all it is worth for its a darn good routine and many of us have made our gains there. I can not give any better advice than Advocet 8’s Vacuum pumping 101, it will answer all the questions you may potentially have with regard to your goals. In fact there are many threads running here which will aid in those questions.

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