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Pumping Physiology & Penile Growth

Pumping Physiology & Penile Growth

Consider how PE works…gains come by 3 basic occurrences:

(1) Expansion of CC/CS (blood-storing chambers of penis)

(2) Elongation of suspensory ligament

(3) Elongation of tunica

Now, I would like pumping to bring permanent gains, really….because I like the hands-free approach & simply using a pump is much easier than rigorous manual training. However….I see some holes in the Pumping-Brings-Permanent-Gains theory…..

First of all, I believe that if you pump in a long tube you will get some lig stretch - but probably not as good as manual stretching or hanging. And if you used such a tube above your LOT, you would also get some tunica stretching also; again, probably not as powerfully as other methods of stretching - especially since experienced pumpers always warn about pain, saying to take it easy, etc. - unlike manual stretching, which I do very vigorously.

However, I believe that expansion in a tube is NOT the natural PE type of expansion. When we jelq, uli, horse, hold, etc., we are FORCING more blood into CC/CS. And you can feel the radical hardness of your penis afterwards. But the “size” from pumping is mostly lymphatic fluid - and it’s not under the tunica, pushing it outwards - but on TOP of the tunica, compressing it. That’s right, that’s why the “liquid woody,” soft, mushy to the touch. The fluid is all just under the skin - above the tunica. So, while the vacuum does draw some blood into the penis, making it more erect, the continued vacuum keeps sucking lymphatic fluids into your penis from the body, filling up the spaces above the tunica & beneath your skin. So, this is NOT natural penis enlargement, it’s just a trick really.

I believe this is why many veteran pumpers report that, over time, they can get bigger in the tube, but their non-pumped size stays the same…. the repeated use of pumping gradually stretches your penile skin, allowing it to expand to hold greater & greater quantities of fluid. But when the fluid recirculates back into the body, the penis returns to it’s original size - despite how big it was in the tube.

I’m going to stick with jelqing & manual stretching. I’m also seriously considering ordering a Bib hanger before production of said hangers goes on hiatus. Stillwantmore seems to have made very impressive progress through diligence.

I believe you might be overstating the effect of lymphatic fluids, and understating the amount of blood sucked into one’s penis.

Pumping was originally designed for men struggling with impotence, limphatic fluids aren’t gonna make it hard.

So pumping draws blood into the penis, to what degree I’m not sure, but any expansion is going to aid in results. I’m looking at pumping as a form of little nitro boosters attached to my jelqing and squeezing.

But regardless of what little theory or metaphor I might come up with, the evidence (for me) is the amount of pumpers with 6+ inches in girth.

They can’t all have been naturally big/easy gainers.

That said, I still don’t know what results I’ll achieve but I know what I’ll be doing:

1) Pump with low pressure to draw more blood than normal
2) Jelq to work it through the penis.
3) Squeeze to enhance.

Repeat 3-10x

Strap on your Homedics wrap to prolong engorgement and encourage healing in an expanded state.

Supplement twice a day with 5gs of Arginine.

It’s possible this plan will fail, but I honestly think the odds are against it. How can you continually draw more blood into the penis each day, and not become bigger?


(If it fails, I’ll consider hanging. But, honestly, I haven’t been impressed by the gains achieved by most hangers, particularly in light of the time expenditure.)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.


There IS a lot of time involved with hanging, that’s why I was first looking at pumping. I know you can get mad girth especially from pumping, but again I don’t know how permanent it will be.

One more point you should consider - that monster size in the tube cannot be all about “blood.” Your CC/CS can only hold so much blood at once - especially since those chambers are being restricted by the tough sheath of fibromuscular bands (tunica). The penis would literally explode if you tried to overfill those chambers with blood under high pressure. Once your erection is maxed-out, that’s it - no more blood will go in there. With natural PE we continually seek “mini-trauma” to the CC/CS so that it will repair itself a little larger (on the cellular level).

I cannot believe that those huge pumped sizes are the result of blood - no way could the tunica immediately expand that way (it would burst). Besides, if tunica expansion is that easy, jelqing would add an inch per week to our cocks.

There might be certain circumstances under which pumping might augment PE (in terms of permanent size increases), but even that is suspect because, again, each concept gets “enlargement” by 2 different approaches.

You do make some rather interesting points Wadzilla. I have been an avid pumper for the last 7 months. IMO, pumping does supplement permanent gains, but how you pump is very critical as to whether it helps you or works against you, a double edged sword, if you will. It is common knowledge on this board that pumping by itself in most cases will not produce permanent results. However, in between sets of an intense jelq/stretch session I think pumping within moderate limits only helps to further open up the spaces in between the micro tears and also stretches the ligs/tunica that much more to bring you to fatigue and beyond in a shorter period of time than just by manual exercise alone. While pumping does produce lymphatic fluid buildup, I have found that it is minimal as I still get a solid erection, not spongy, afterwards. If lymphatic fluid is a concern for you or other guys I have read in other posts where guys have used bicycle inner tubes and theraband wraps to restrict the flow of fluid into the shaft and they claim that they get a much better cc,cs,and tunica expansion. Naturally, a pumped effect is going to disappear after a while, but the main goal is to achieve further expansion and engorgement in conjunction with manual PE and during the recovery period. The theiry here is that the more you can open up the micro tears during healing, the more space your new cell growth has to fill thereby promoting gains. I think it should also be noted that the extreme fluid buildup that you talk about is primarily found with the guys that we see over at Newart or tigerpump. These guys are hardcore pumpers that don’t do any manual PE. Their main goal is only to see how much fluid buildup they can accomplish, shit, some of those guys even inject themselves with saline solution just so they can have a “honeydew melon” hanging between their legs. So yeah, when guys pump like that it’s only going to be temporary.

I used to get lymph fluid and a “spongy” penis after pumping at around 5 hg. I since have switched to pumping at 2-3 hg and there is no spongyness only a much harder cock.

My erections aren’t spongy, either. Am I doing something wrong? :-)



Originally posted by avocet8
My erections aren't spongy, either. Am I doing something wrong? :-)

Obviously not, so what ARE you doing that is so right?

Need tips?

You should probably read pumping 101 at the top of the page.

The amount of fluid can be minimized and blood maximized if you pump corretly. i.e. amount of pressure, length of time and including jelking between sets helps big time.

Care if a “ready-to-begin-pumping” rookie chimes in?

I have read the HANGING and PUMPING threads carefully. As I have seen little (yet) real gain (except hardness) with “standard” PE work, I am about to take the leap to PUMPING as an adjunct.

AVOCET8 has really presented a good program, and from the raw physiology side of the issue: YES (1) you are drawing a lot of both blood and lymphatic fluids into the penis with a strong, hard pump, if your A-V (arterio-venous) and lymphatic systems are doing their jobs (A-V to supply and serve, LYMPHATIC to drain away), then the fluid buildup will abate.

Futrher (2) there WILL BE tearing of ligamentum and other soft tissue - including lower dermal layers and myosheathing - which will require repairs. [by the way, I am looking at SHARK CARTILAGE as a possible “quick” restore for “damaged” ligamentum … if it works so well on cartilage, why not]

Finally (3) I am not sure that one can pump to the point of actually “exploding” the CS/CC, or causing a really serious rupture to the ligamentum (after all, some of us have REALLY YANKED ourselves hard in PE work, and “damage” has not bee too serious) without such EXTREMES of pain associated that one would stop long prior to damage.

Anyway, I am really enjoying the study. I have not yet - as I said - noticed much in the way of size gain, but have been able to “last” a bit longer each time we have made it. Maybe I’ll yet get to the point where my sweet little wifey will also say “OOOOOOOOO, honey - you are SOOOOOOOO BIG!!!”

I can dream it, can’t I?

wan2Bbig (Alex)

"Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if treason prosper, none dare call it treason." - Harrington


Care if a “ready-to-begin-pumping” rookie chimes in?

Finally (3) I am not sure that one can pump to the point of actually “exploding” the CS/CC, or causing a really serious rupture to the ligamentum (after all, some of us have REALLY YANKED ourselves hard in PE work, and “damage” has not bee too serious) without such EXTREMES of pain associated that one would stop long prior to damage.


wan2Bbig (Alex)

Alex, I didn’t say that you could pump to the point of exploding; I said if you forced more blood into the CC/CS than it could take, under high pressure, it would explode.

As far as pumping goes, I had a link once that ran a story about a man whose penis IMploded when he fell asleep with an electric pump running….that’s right, he crushed his cavernosii [read: “imploded” & “crushed” - this shows where the force is during pumping - not from the inside of the CC/CS but on top of it - no doubt the lymphatic fluid buildup reached a critical point, where the pressure was greater around the outside of the CC/CS than the internal (blood) pressure - so it impoded].

Furthermore, I’m not really sure that a person could not cause serious injury from manual PE. I still have very strong hands/forearms - so I do not exert 100% maximal force while PE’ing - ever. I’m just not gonna take the outside chance of doing something horrible to the ol’ plumbing.

Good advice, wadzilla.

To my mind, sleeping under vacuum pressure is totally careless, dumb.




Thanks, wad - I appreciate your correction … in any case, whether pumping, hanging or other PE work, it is a metter of HYDRAULICS.

Now I am no engineer, and only pulled a “C” in my physics class, but our dicks are the ONLY “pure” hydraulically operated part of our physiology. Yes, there are anciliary muscles (PC, etc) which aid in erection, but the whole process is governed by fluids.

If there is effective inflow, restriction and ultimately, expolsion (outflow) of blood and (in fact) lymphatic fluid during erections, the “equipment” will perform as advertised. Let any sub-system fail and the “one-eyed worm” stare at the floor, and not the stars.

Pumping encourages - as I have learned it - fluid in the cs/cc, and to some certain degree, in the interstitial spaces (between the cells) of the penile structure. This is a VERY efficient manner of encouraging fluid expansion, but is probably NOT an effecient manner of PE by itself, unless one were to maintain pressure for an expanded time. (certainly not an all-niter - DAM! - and under GREAT control)

In the same way, manual jelking FORCES fluids into these spaces, with somewhat less force and concentration, and with somewhat more general control. Also, jelking allows one to actually concentrate effort throughout the whole shaft, or selective parts of it. Pumping does not do that - but is a good adjunct to jelking.

I am not sure of the fluid dynamics of HANGING, however, I am pretty certain that the very nature of the activity encourages fluid buildup, particularly lymphatic. It, too, probable has better individual results than PUMPING, but if each is used with balance and care, a complete PE program can include each exercise, and I am sure that the net result will only be GROWTH.

Thanks, you all, for your advice, caring to share and the fact that we are not above correcting and being corrected. I once read a ZEN maxim which stated “all persons are my sensei, as all persons have something to teach me, and all sensei are my teachers.”


"Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if treason prosper, none dare call it treason." - Harrington


>”all persons are my sensei, as all persons have something to teach me, and all sensei are my teachers.”<

That’s the way I see it, too, Alex. Nicely put.



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