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Pumping and Orgasm's

Pumping and Orgasm's

Hi all,

I’d like to ask you all if anyone else has noticed a huge increase in feeling/duration of Orgasm after they have started pumping.

I’m a bit over 3 month’s into pumping now and for the last month have been getting really intense O’s, not that it used to be bad it’s just umm, better!

Any comments ?


||looking for something to .... about||

I’m not sure about that, brag, but maybe. I’ll be interested in what others have to say about it.

Whatever, that’s a pretty fun result of 3 mos of pumping, I’d say.



I’ve been pumping consistently (almost everyday) for about 2 months now. I’ve also been kegeling much more than usual. For the past 2 weeks my erections have been harder - so hard they sometimes hurt - and orgasms extremely intense. I “saw stars” and got light headed recently after blowing a load. Orgasms are that strong.

It’s difficult to tell how much of these positive effects are from pumping or kegels. Could be the combination works synergistically.

The first 6-7 weeks of my current routine there wasn’t any change, then practically overnight I noticed the changes, which persist. So, for guys wanting to try something like this, give it at least a couple months.


Couldn’t agree more, definately something I wasn’t expecting and something I’m definately enjoying.


“saw stars”
lol, I haven’t experienced this yet (unless I hit my head on the backboard of the bed :) ). I’d certainly agree with you saying anyone starting to pump needs to give it as much chance as they would any other routine which is really just getting going after 2 months.

The other half has noticed it though mainly because for some reason I wiggle my arse from side to side and have a very silly grin on my face, never gave her a reason other than mentioning how enjoyable sex is (still keeping this very stealthy because I’m a big girls blouse and cant work up the courage to tell her).


||looking for something to .... about||

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