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pumping and l-arginine



I just measured with a 5g scoop that I have from a bottle of creatine. Looks like about 25g of regular maca flour. I suspect avocet8 is right about ramping dosages up instead of down. I sometimes get a “show me” mentality where something must not be working if I don’t get immediate visual results!

I’ve used about twice that much (~50g?) on a few occassions, also. Same silly mentality. Just wanted to see what would happen. It didn’t work any better, by the way. What it did do was give me a minor case of very foul-smelling gas. Keep that in mind if you experiment!

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Originally posted by ChuckR
I'm taking 2 tsp of Maca, which RainTree says is 5.5 gm, and 6 gm of arginine, per day.

Well, maybe the arginine made a little difference in volume, but nothing like what I'm getting now. It's just downright messy.

Even if I get no BP lowering, I think I'll continue to take that combination, although probably in lower amounts. I figure six weeks should tell the story on BP.


The adage that oysters put lead in your pencil is correct! Of all the foods on the planet, oysters have highest zinc concentration and zinc contributes significantly to our toss off volume.

I’ve been on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) since Feb ‘99 and through aromatase, I was converting alot of testosterone to estrogen/estradiol. I tried approach of Eugene Shippen, M.D. author of The Testosterone Syncrome…he puts new male andropausal clients on 100 mg zinc/dy until improvement is noted and then reduces to 50 mg/dy.

I tried that…and still aromatase was active so I gave up zinc supplementation….one of first things I noticed was decrease in my toss off volume…I resumed zinc supplementation and toss off volume returned to a desireable level.

When supplementing with zinc it’s important that some copper be included as zinc either masks or eliminates copper receptors.

I take four Jarrow Formulas Zinc Balance/dy..each capsule contains 15 mg zinc and 1 mg copper. I take a Sam’s Club, Member’s Mark Mature Multi…one table contains 15 mg zinc and 2 mg copper. (BTW, i’m very impressed with quality of Sam’s Club Member’s Mark supplements and OTC medications) I take three The Prostate Formula and three tablets contain 15 mg zinc.

Just my experiences…

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