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Problem With Mityvac MV8500 Pump

Problem With Mityvac MV8500 Pump

Have a problem with the allegedly super indestructible MV8500. I bought a new one a month ago to use only for penis pumping, and when squeezing it one time some bolt flew out of it and now the back part of the handle is no longer connected to the pump. When I called number in the manual to complain about this, they tried to sell me a pack of all kinds of service parts for just under 30 bucks with shipping. The pump was only 62, so that’s not cool. It’s part number 2 in the manual, seen here as part number 2 on page 3:…_SevicePage.pdf

Any idea what that is so I can just buy it at a hardware store?

I had the same problem with the earlier models of mityvac pumps. I destroyed the handle on one pump and had to glue and bold my current one together without the spring. The problem with the plastic model is that the spring is way too strong and snaps either the handle or the piston. It’s genius if you think about it, they made a product that only works a few times before you have to fork over $35 for another. I heard that this problem doesn’t exist in the aluminum models though.

The MV8500 IS the aluminum model. The screws that holds the back half of the handle in flew off, and I need replacements. Mityvac wants to sell me the whole insane super rebuild it yourself repair kit instead of telling me what $2 screw I need, so I’m asking around here. Or if there’s a do it yourselfer here that wants a good deal on an aluminum pump I’d sell it at a reasonable price and buy another one so I don’t have to mess with it. I’m generally not what you would call a handy person.

Hell yeah I’ve been looking for one on eBay.

I went through 2 plastic mityvac pumps, 3 handles, and 3 pistons.

Just get a metal Harbor Freight pump for $20 + and be done with it.

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