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Possible donut forming

Possible donut forming

I honestly can’t tell if i have a donut forming or its just my eyes telling me i do since im so worried lol.

There is a little lump, not big at all, but visible, and I’m not sure if that was there before or just started showing up.

I am thinking maybe ill wear a hair tie (or something) at the bottom of my penis maybe to stop any fluid build up (not too tight). I am not sure if this is a feasible approach.

I think i read about it on here somewhere, not sure if it worked though. Please contribute to my thread :D thank you.

You don’t say where you have a lump. A donut is fluid buildup in the skin below the glans. It does go away after a few hours. A constriction device at the base of the penis will not prevent a donut, nor will a hair tie. A rubber sleeve worn on the penis in the area of fluid buildup could help. The best way to avoid a donut is to keep the vacuum below 5hg and limit the time in the tube to between 5-10 minutes. After many sessions you will be able to increase the time in the tube and/or the vacuum with no donut. When I started pumping I got donuts, then I read Vacuum Pumping 101.

Sorry hangin, the lump is on the underside of my penis, right under my head.

I was figuring that a constriction device would work due to the lack of donuts during the condom pumping experiment.

I also noticed it does go away.

Okay. It sounds like the early stages or a partial donut. A constriction device used in the area could help prevent that.

A donut is nothing to worry about. It is just a build up of lymph fluid under the skin that happens when you pump at too high a pressure for too long a time period. It always goes away as your body reabsorbs the lymph fluid and your skin returns to normal.

Some guys pump to get the donut effect because it can temporarily make your cock look so huge, but in the long run, it will not contribute to permanent gains.

Permanent gains come tissue blood expansion by using lower pressures for multiple sets of 15 minutes or so. You have to slowly condition yourself to increasing your time in the pump. As you gain experience, you can add time but there in no need to add pressure beyond the 5”hg level.

Ugh today, i had a huge donut, and it scared the crap out of me.

I never want one again, and i was fine after 2 sets, so ill just do that until i can handle more.

Although i was huge for about an hour after. The donut is still there though and its been about 3 hours.

Much better today, not sure if it was cause i kept my hg lower than normal, i wore a hair tie at the base, or because i only did 2 sets. Less plump looking though, may try 2 without the hair tie, and with my normal Hg, or 3 with hair tie.

What lol?

Originally Posted by MrSmalls
What lol?

Uh oh you better hide… it may be too late, I can already hear them coming!

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