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packing good for girth or bad?

packing good for girth or bad?

When one gets to the point that one packs the tube halfway into pumping session, is it time to get a larger tube? I want to maximize girth, so is it time for me to buy a bigger cylinder? Does packing for too long make the penis look distorted and uneven, or does it have opposite effect? thanks

I would say it is time for you to order the next size up, especially if girth is your goal. The theory is, that once packed, then length is targeted as there is only one direction left to go in. But you must be careful because then all of the pressure is acting on the head and blisters on the head can occur. So it’s best to lower the pressure once packed and pay close attention.

When you do get your new cylinder, use staging to bring it into play. That is, pack the tube you are using now first and then move into the larger tube to continue your pumping session.

What size tube are you using now?

not sure, when I put a dollar bill in the cylinder, there is still about an inch left between two ends of the bill. Can I really get permanent gains in girth via pumping? Or does it permanently just stretch the skin?

Make sure you do kegels while you pump. That pumps you from the inside out while the vacuum pumps from the outside in. Doing kegels is a great way to make your gains permanent tunica and chamber gains, not just skin bloat. Pump at lower pressures like 4-6, to target your inner penis.

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