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Oops... I left my pump in the bathroom


Originally Posted by tinytim
If given a choice I would be much more willing to tell my mother about it than some friend. Depending on what kind of mother you have, she is much less likely to blab and try to ruin your life than any so-called friend. I know I could trust my mother over anyone, because I have 20 years of experience being raised by her. I know what kind of person she is and how she would handle it.

Yea, that’s true. Still, it’s a matter of principle. It’s fine to talk about sex with your mother, when you’re about ten years old and she’s explaining the birds and bees to you. But as an adult, I do not want to discourse with my mother about the size of my prick. If she can’t guess how big it is, based on what she saw when I was a tot, then so be it. I don’t ask her how tight her vagina is either.

If she knows what the pump is for, then, as you point out, she’ll keep her mouth shut. There’s no need to make a declaration.

I’ve mentioned this before. But the best way to hide a pump and keep it in full view. Is to get some sort of stand with it upside down. Put some arttificial flowers in it and stand it on the window cill.

No-one will give it a second glance. And your mum will probably keep it nice and clean for you.


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