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Not Gaining Length

Not Gaining Length

Well, I’ve been waiting a few months to see if I would get over this plateau I’ve been on but I can’t seem to shake it. Here’s what I’ve been doing: Start off each session with a hot water dunk for 5-10 minutes and jelq for 100 reps. Then I get completely stimed and slide into the pump for my first set of 10 minutes. I then repeat the same 100 jelqs water dunking after jelqs and back to stim. and into the pump for set #2 and so on until I finish all 5 sets.

My girth has begun to move again, but I seem to be stuck lengthwise. Does anyone have any suggestions for this? Should I add time or another set, or do I need to wait until I pack the tube to worry about length? I have an AUTO-ADS which I’ve been using, but it hasn’t seemed to help very much as far as EL goes.

Stretching my friend is the way to go for length.

Well, I have gained from manual stretching in the past, as well as hanging, but I am very constrained time wise. I had thought that I would be able to gain both length and girth by pumping, but as it seems I’ve gained slightly in the length department I might just have to add in some manuals earlier in the morning. What sort of manual routine would you suggest?

Millionman, I was never able to gain length from pumping either and length was my aim from the start.
I was using a 2” cylinder and then I decided to order a 1.75” which I packed immediately thinking it would work on length but to no avail.

About the hot water dunk, you must have to be very careful to get the right temperature. I mean the glans is so sensitive. Have you ever burned yourself?
Also you will not be able to heat the ligs up that way.

Bluenun, I don’t really have a problem with the temperature of the water. Sometimes the head can be a bit more sensitive than others and then I’m careful, but usually it’s not too bad.

As far as heating up the ligs, that’s never been the intention. I use the hot water bath to warm up the tissues on the whole. I’ve gained most of my length from lig gains, and now it’s all tunica work. I haven’t been putting in the time for tunica gains, as I was really thinking that the equal pressure across the tunica would help me gain some in length. At least I thought I’d be able to gain another half an inch to put me at 8”, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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