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Newbie pumper - glans too big

Newbie pumper - glans too big


Just recieved my pump from lapdist. I got the 9 x 1.75 ” cyclinder and I’ve been pumping at about 5 HG for three days for about 10-15 minutes per session, 1 session a day.

The question I have is that my glans seems to be packing the tube, the only part that isn’t is about 3-4 mm of the underside of the glans. Sometimes this makes it difficult to get my dick to pump straight instead of slanted because my head catches the sides of the tube as I pump.

I’m worried I may need to get a bigger pump, just for my glans. The rest of the shaft fits fine.

Any ideas?

Originally Posted by criot

Any ideas?

Yes, always ask gprent for tube sizing. He’s the master. Ladist always undersizes their tubes so you have to buy another pretty quick. Sounds like you needed the 2 inch which is exactly what happened to me. Make sure your glans is lubed up to to keep from sticking and making things cockeyed.

I hate to ask the obvious, but are you using a lube of some sort? That helps make things expand without catching.

Hey sorry,
I’ve been at the NCSF leather flea near boston this weekend without access to a computer.
I had a freaking fantastic time there, and used a fuck swing for the first time.. I really want one now.

I digress.. I was a bit sparing with the lube, so I’ll try that but I feel like once the glans becomes engorged after a few minutes it packs the tube. Anyway, was there any reason to get the 1.75 ” tube even if I fit almost fine in it? It seems like the size of the tube shouldn’t matter so much.

Anyway, I’ll repost in a week after I get some more pumping under my belt (*snicker*)

I have a 9 x 1.75” as well and I pretty much pack it except for some small areas. I myself was going to wait about another month or two to make sure that the gains stick and too hopefully fully pack the tube. I have seen some length gains in my first 3 months and should hopefully have some more come feb.

Yes I could move on too a 2” tube but I thought staying at this width for a bit longer might help with making the gains concrete. Because the pressure you feel when you are packing the tube feels like it is doing something in there specially over time.

Only have two more weeks before I have been doing my routine for 6mos. My problems in the past were actually sticking too them… so far dedication has paid off. Ill post my 6mos results in about 2wks…

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