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Already too big?


Already too big?

I’ve been with more girls lately and everyone of them how big I am. I still don’t think I’m not big which I guess is funny. Here’s what one girl said too me.

B : ha!

B : if you were any bigger, since thats apparently what you’re talking about, id be scared

mbd : my cock?

B : yeah cause you said you wish…

mbd : haha, I wouldn’t mind it being bigger

B : what?

B : do you never want to get laid again?

B : girls are SCARED of big cocks, and if they’re not, they have loose pussys and NEED big cocks to fill em up

mbd : well I guess longer would be nice than girth

B : id say you have nothing to worry about

She won’t at all let me try anal with her cause she says I’m way too big. She told me she likes it but only with guys smaller than me. I vary from

7.2x6 to 7-5.75. And this girl is taller than me, lol. Most girls I date are petite. The last girl I hooked up with didn’t notice my size till the second night we got together. She’s 24 and has had a kid and she was so tight it was surprising. The first night we got so freaking drunk. She did need to use a lot of lube though which she said the first night wasn’t normal. The lights were off so she didn’t see me. The second night, she flipped out over me and said she was going to lock me in her room so she can fuck me when ever she wants. lol. Said she couldn’t believe she didn’t see how big I was before and actually the last 3 girls I’ve been with have told me that I give them the biggest orgasms.

I haven’t gained any length in 2 years, but girth I’ve gained alot in 2 years. Though I am kinda stuck now. I want to go for 8 by 6.5. No bigger in girth for that cause right now, seriously girls can’t handle it very long. I’ve never had anal sex with a girl and lol, seems like I never will. But with these complements for 4 years is worth it even though I hoped for a lot more by now in gains. It’s awsome to see girl’s eyes light up like they see a desert in front of them when they see my cock.

I think 6.5x5.5 is big to most girls so far, which that is above average.

You have outstanding girth. That’s probably what scares them. And I agree with you that 6.5x5.5 is a very satisfying penis for a normal woman. But the fact is they always can take more.

Sometimes I think that women don’t want a huge dick treatment on a regular basis, just once in a while.

Good story bro be proud to take your monster out and let him growl and scare the girls

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Great girth. Is your 7” bp or nbp?

What is more pleasurable, having sex, or being told you’re too big for it? The latter, I’d say.

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics

Originally Posted by dangleman
What is more pleasurable, having sex, or being told you’re too big for it? The latter, I’d say.

Man, we PEers are a twisted group!

Interested in your routine if your willing to share.

Start 8-04: 7bpfsl,6nbp x 4.25mid Current: 7.75bpfsl,6.5nbp x 4.5mid/5base 8-05 Goal = 7nbp x 5 Final Goal = 8.5nbp x 6.5 Determination is the key.

I don’t stretch anymore. I do a form of constrictors with my other hand and jelq or just hold. Sometimes I’ll do the dash rap, but that has only given temperary girth gains. Yes 7+ bpl.

MBD, I’d love to have your girth, good story! I’m glad you mean BPEL, because although I only have 4 7/8” girth (5.25” at the base) I have a BPEL of about 7.8” at best.

I’m looking forward to having experiences like yours when I’m done PEing (if that ever happens!).


Your average PE member looks a little like this: :idiot:

I think that for the most part, 7NBP x 5.5 EG gets you into that zone where anal opportunities get smaller and smaller. I would dearly love to nail my wife in the back door but at 7.2 NBP by 5.7 EG the odds of causing her a real injury are pretty good. This woman has given birth to our five kids and I have noticed that she is making a lot more noise these days. She is also favoring more protective positions too.

The 8 x 6 goal I have will just make sex less pleasurable for her. It will be eye candy only. Oh well, I guess we are all a little out there but I LIKE IT!!

Originally Posted by danay69
This woman has given birth to our five kids and I have noticed that she is making a lot more noise these days. She is also favoring more protective positions too.

Maybe she doesn’t want to feel like she is giving birth to a sixth one? I would only worry about being too big if she starts wearing a chastity belt everytime you are around. :)

-Tom “Give me PE or give me death” Foolery

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

A chastity belt, wouldn’t that be something? That is why I am moving to a basic low erection jelq routine, about 300 strokes 3-4 days per week. This keeps the erections as hard as diamonds, helps me last longer and, oh yeah could possibly give me 8”NBP with a 6”EG within a year or so.. :>)

It is one of those things where I don’t even measure anymore. I will do it every couple of months just to see if there is any growth. I would just like to be able to say that I have an honest non-bone pressed 8 inch dick with the full 6 inch thickness mid shaft. It is kind of funny when you think about the mindset.

Danay69, I hear you about the backdoor with the wife. I’m lucky right now that she lets me have anal just about whenever I want it, but recently after making some girth progress she commented, “What do you want, a big dick or anal sex?”. A compliment and a put down down all in one sentence. So I started clamping about two weeks ago. :) She loves anal too much to give it up at any size. Read below.

Stretchin, aka The Clamper

Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

Here’s a quick one….

Congrats to you and the girls for making yourself feel better. Size is always nice…hmmm, maybe we can put that on the new Thunder’s Tee-shirt…

Anyways, hopefully you use rubbers if you engage is numerous sexual activities with several partners. Just a thought.

Congrats to the ego boost you received :thumbs:

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I had an interesting comment made to me last weekend. Spent the weekend with a lovely woman and in the morning, I came out of the shower and started to get dressed. She reached down and grabbed my flacid dick and said:

“You know, this is how big my ex-husband was when he was hard.”

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