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New To Pumping - Without Guage - How Many Pumps


New To Pumping - Without Guage - How Many Pumps


Can anyone help please ?

I am new to pumping , been jelling and stretching for a year.
I have just bought a pump today , without a guage , I know now your supposed to have a guage but I didn’t realise.

Can anyone advise how many squeezes of the pump is reasonable for a first experiment? I’m happy to underdo it and just want a safe experiment. Like three squeezes ? Or 20 squeezes ? I am planning to just put it on for three mins.

Here’s the pump I bought

Thanks for any help

I couldn’t begin to guess how many squeezes would be a good start. My first experiment with pumping many years ago (before Thunder’sPlace) was with a similar pump. It didn’t go well.

Maybe pump until you feel a slight expansion. Watch very carefully for blistering and lymph build up. Less is definitely better in this case. And save up for a pump With a gauge.

Good luck.

:_pump: :donatecar

Thanks for the answers and the link , yes I have read that link fully and it’s v helpful , still unsure of number squeezes tho , like five maybe ? Anyone know ?

There isn’t really any way to recommend a certain amount of squeezes or pumps, different models have different pressure per pump and your hand and force also make a variance. It could be 3 it could be 30 there’s just no way to tell.

What I can tell however is to watch out for your PI’s check out how you feel no pain no negative effects, if there’s too much discoloration or such ease up.

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Thanks for your replies, I was ok , only did five mins.

I did about five pumps , didn’t want to get all experimental , was enough for me and glad it was ok. I will get another with a guage shortly. Was a mistake not knowing I needed that.

I’ve decided I def will buy a guage. There is a seperate Colt guage which you can attach to any cylinder , it costs £50.00

Should I buy this or actually buy a new tube with a guage on it ?

I am in the UK and would be grateful if anyone can advise me on a good one. Don’t want a Bathmate one. Not too worried about the price , whats imp is I don’t hurt the unit ever. Safety is priority.

If anyone can tell me a good one for a noob that would be great.

Thanks !

It’s cheaper to buy a pump with a gauge from amazon.

That’s a shit cylinder though. It’s a toy ad you’d be much better off avoiding using it altogether.

If you really want a cylinder, go to somewhere like and get a cylinder in your size (but still buy the pump wth a gauge from amazon).

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Or maybe you should be jelling for some few months more and forget the pump for now.

I’m biased against pumping though. Ok, I confessed finally.

Maybe I’m just unable to pump in the correct way. Pumping is the trickiest PE technique IMHO.

I was really impressed by the first pump yesterday.
Even though it was a very gentle first pump for five minutes it showed immediate results.

Results were the strongest erections for the day , I tested a few times , I had much more blood and was able to hold it twice as long.

The stretches I did afterwards were quite different because it had expanded soft tissue it felt a lot easier to get a better stretch , by the end of the day I measured and I had increased in size. This was only after a very minor pump session of five mins.

I will continue with soft pumping. I think it’s not important to get the hardest pressure up and the biggest hard on in the tube , though would be great , it’s just getting the fluid into the unit so afterwards during the day I can stretch and jelq the unit , it’s more flexible.

I do need a guage though. Thanks for the link to the pro pumps . I will check them out.

Used second time , saw half inch gain in length but little in girth , used for ten mins second time whilst releasing pressure often. Best result in length was to go in fully erect. Am jelqing and stretching to try to cement this , v impressed at half in on second go and did nt push pressure high. Am going to get a guage one soon though.

Originally Posted by marinera
Maybe I’m just unable to pump in the correct way. Pumping is the trickiest PE technique IMHO.

What’s your experience that make you say such?

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I don’t do much pumping at all but when I do, I don’t like using a gauge for the reason that it is too easy to rely on it. I find it is better to go by feel. When you rely on a gauge, it is too easy to over pump too quickly to reach a specific value and that will cause red spots.

I tested the vacuum pump that I am using and it only produces 14-16 in Hg of vacuum which is perfect for me so I can’t do any harm unless I rush it, which I don’t.

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