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New to pumping few Questions =)

New to pumping few Questions =)

Greetings All-

From what I read I am a bit confused about a few things. I am going for length, So should I select a cylindar size that is the smallest I can get. So it forces that expansion to go outwards? And my next question. I have a hanging routine where I hang alot. And I am going to use pumping to suppliment this routine for length. Basically my plan is to pump every night before I go to bed, And hang the rest of the time. Has anyone done this and achieved gains from it? And if there is anything you could do over again and do it right that you could tell a newbie pumper. What would it be? Thanks guys.!

If you are going for length then just stick with hanging. When you have reached your goals and feel like expanding your girth, then start your pump career. You just can’t succeed by doing PE 24 hours a day and combining 2 aggressive techniques like hanging and pumping will put you over your trauma limit for sure.

Your idea of trying to do it all for a fast result will only do the opposite.

I agree,

the only thing you can do after your hanging sessions is wearing a light ADS device which could actually help your length increase process.

Perseverance wins

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