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New to buy a pump-help needed

New to buy a pump-help needed


I am going to try pumping. I live in east Europe and there is not much PE products. I found only two pumps:

1. Mister B
2. Dr Kaplan

I have been trying to do ‘search’ but not much can be found on ‘mister b’. Which of those would you recommend me? I know ‘Kaplan’ is known…how about the other one(Mister B)?

Go check out . That is where I bought my cylinder and I think it is excellent. Shipping was fast as well.

I recently got a pump from and shipping was quick and discreet (big plus for me) as well packed nicely. I’ve been using it for a few days now and I’ve already noticed an increase in girth and length I’m back to what I used to be :) !! The kaplan pump looks to be good quality as well.

Thanks guys for quick response. This site(lapdist) is great but I would prefer to buy pump ‘at home’(Europe). It is not $10 worth product that I could afford lose during delivery…I already lost one hanger that did not reach me till today ;)

Would you say that this ‘Mister B’ or ‘Dr Kaplan’ are comparable?

Also-babbis, correct me if I am wrong but you were the guy that used IPR cycles with hanging/ADS…? I am currently using ADS again…do you think using pump with ADS would limit my potential gains(overdoing?) or help?

Thickwall cylinder.

Hi there,

I am using a 2” Thickwall cylinder and the quality is just 100 %.

You can goto

They have a great service.

Best regards,


1 June 2005 BPEL 13,2 Cm EG 12,5 Cm Goal BPEL 16cm & EG 14cm Ads(andro Penis)+cylinder( 2" thickwall). Need Overall Power.

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